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1995 XJS v12 6.0 Fuel Rail Cross-Over Hose replacement Procedure

started by Scott Merkle, 3 posts, last on Aug 28 - 17:57 by Steven Petry
XK-8 ride height....
(XK8 - XKR)

started by Josiah Bartlett, 5 posts, last on Aug 28 - 10:00 by Josiah Bartlett
oil filter leak

started by Chuck Yauch, 7 posts, last on Aug 28 - 9:38 by John Kerlish
94 XJS Radiator swap

started by D A, 9 posts, last on Aug 28 - 0:14 by Alan Barclay
XJ8 Tank - leakage
(XJ8 - XJR)

started by Frans Reitsma, 5 posts, last on Aug 27 - 21:51 by Steven Petry
Oil Pressure Gauge

started by Robert Grisar, 72 posts, last on Aug 27 - 21:41 by Terry Veldhouse
Replacing O2 sensor
(XJ Saloons)

started by John Peterson, 3 posts, last on Aug 27 - 19:04 by Steven Petry
1973 Jaguar E Type for Sale

started by Baxter Saucier, 2 posts, last on Aug 27 - 12:45 by George Camp
Re.: Transmission 2003 Jaguar S-Type R Supercharged 4.2L

started by Fran├žois Boivin, 1 posts, last on Aug 27 - 12:30 by
Looking for XJS specialty shop

started by Robert Purves, 2 posts, last on Aug 27 - 11:30 by Alan Barclay