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August 28, 2018

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XJR 1996-1997

Looking for a 1996 or a 1997 XJR to pamper and maintain in top shape.

Charlie Hallums


July 20, 2018

Posted By: Jim Collins

Mark2 3.8 4spd+OD

Also looking for a very good condition Mark 2 3.8 4spd + OD. Would consider upgraded Mark2 re: steering, suspension, manual transmission and AC. The Mark 2 should be competently road worthy. Thanks,

Jim Collins
Amherst, MA

June 10, 2018

Posted By: Jim Collins

E-type Series 1 - Seeking the Holy Grail

Hoping to find a Series 1 E-type, coupe or OTS, numbers matching in very fair to good condition.

As I am now just finishing the lengthy restoration of my 1958 XK 150S OTS LHD (S830975DN) which I have owned since 1974, I am not interested in undertaking a full restoration, but have no problem with some some intensive running maintenance, e.g. brakes, cooling system etc.

Thanks for any help in becoming a long term custodian of the "most beautiful car ever designed"!

Jim Collins
Amherst, MA

May 16, 2018

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I am looking for a Series 1 E Type, either OTS or FHC. The only requirement is that the E was originally sold on Long Island, New York by a certain dealer. To verify authenticity you should have the original sales invoice or service coupon booklet with the name of the dealer printed on the stubs.
If you have such a car for sale, please email me so we can do business.
Thank You, Stephen Ring

May 08, 2018

Posted By: Kyle Jackson-Croft

Wanted Classic Jaguars

Wanted classic jaguars. Anything from a car that’s needs everything to a car in perfect condition. We are a father and son that have a passion for old jags. Our phone number is (619) 561-3182. Email is

Cars wanted- jaguar e types, jaguar mk1, jaguar mk2, jaguar mk4, jaguar mk5, jaguar mk7, jaguar mk9, jaguar xk120, jaguar xk140, jaguar xk150, jaguar XJ6C, etc.

April 19, 2018

Posted By: Perry Solomon

WANTED: Sorted 1967 XKE FHC -

Looking for a properly sorted, driver in 2-3+ shape. In SF Bay area here.