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A few basic rules
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Welcome to the new JCNA Classifieds. You will notice changes in the way our Classifieds look as they have been completly redesigned however all of the posts made to the old Classifieds have been imported into the new system.

Note that original post times could not be imported from the old system, only dates were imported.

One of the first things you will notice is the need to register in order to post classifieds. Visitors can read classifieds but cannot post until they register. It is a very simple process which ensures that email addresses are correct.

Browser compatibility : like all pages on our site, we've tested the Classifieds under the most popular browsers and OS. Older versions of Netscape, version 4.x, do cause some pages not to display properly. Although usable, we strongly recommend that you upgrade to the newer version. There are no issues that we are aware of when using Netscape 5, 6 or 7 or Explorer 5, 5.5 or 6.

A few basic rules...

1. Only PRIVATE classifieds are free. See below for commercial posts or classifieds posted using auto related email addresses.
2. Classifieds are not removed unless you do so. Just click on the Delete link next to your classified, note that you must be logged in to see the delete link!
3. Keep the classified related to the section topic
4. We reserve the right to remove ANY classified we deem inappropriate without notification.

Commercial Posts

Commercial classifieds are $10 each and active for 90 days. JCNA reserves the right to delete any classified believed to be commercial which would have been submitted as a private free classified. Only classifieds for Jaguars or parts and services directly related to Jaguars are allowed. Commercial posters who post ads claiming they are private sellers maybe banned from JCNA on line services. See confirmation page for paypal payment instructions.


Visitors to our Classifieds can read but cannot post. Registering takes only a minute and serves as a verification of email addresses. Once you register, you can also post to our discussion forums as they share the same user data.

From the main classified page, simply click on the New User Registration link to open the Registration form and fill out the form. We strongly recommend that you use your full name and avoid screen names, handles, etc... If you really prefer not to use your full name, at least use your first name and last name initial.

After filling out the form, click on the Submit button and check your email for a confirmation emailed that was emailed to you when you submitted the form. Click on the link provided in the confirmation email to activate your registration.

Your registration is complete and the next page will prompt you to log in. You can then post your classified or post messages to our discussion forums.

Basic display and instructions

The main classifed page gives you a list of all available Classified sections with the number of posts and last post date. Click on a section name to view classifieds posted to that section. Classifieds are sorted by date.


User Preferences and options are stored in your user profile. To update these, click on the Update Registration Info link on the main classified ( or forum ) page, available after you login.

  • Home Club : select your club from the club list which is sorted by region / number. Selecting a home club will allow you to access some club specific features including local club forum visible only to registered users who selected a home club.
  • Signature Line : up to 200 characters, may include Jaguars you own, hometown, club, etc.. anything you want to add as a signature to your post without having to type it. This will automatically be added to each message but you will be able to edit it or delete it upon posting.
    Do not include any form of advertising, for sale, bargain, special etc... Vendors who contribute to our Classifieds on a regular basis are allow to mention their company name, location and URL / 800 number but no special, prices, offers and advertising slogans !
  • Reply Notification (forum only): when checked you will automatically receive an email message when a reply is posted to one of your classifieds. Note that if someone replied to another message in a thread you are participating, you will not be notified.

Optional link URL / Title

When posting a classified, you can enter a link and a tile to a web site or web page that may include additional information and pictures.

Please type in the http:// portion of the link !

Optional Image URL

Enter the address to picture of the car on your server or a web page. Do not enter the page address on which the image appears but the image address itself. If you are not sure, go to that page, right click on the picture and choose properties. You can then copy the URL and paste it back in the post message form.

If the image you want to use is not already on the web but is only on your computer, see next section.

Upload an image to the JCNA Server

You can upload your image from your computer to the JCNA server by clicking on the Upload Image button. This will open a new window where you can select the image, preview it, add a description and upload it. When done, you will be returned to the forum to finish you message, the image URL will have been added.

Image must be less than 200k, check the size before you try to upload. File must be a JPG or GIF, any other format will be rejected.

When you select a file, a preview of that image will be displayed (reduced size). If you selected the wrong file, just click on Browse again and select another one.

POSTING Tips / Help

Try to use Descriptive Subjects in your classifieds... just don't say "Jaguar for salel", make the subject reflect why you are posting... such as "1967 E-Type Roadster"



We do not collect email addresses from our Classifieds for any purpose and you will not receive any automated message from jcna.com unless to decide to subscribe to some of our forums while registering.