- Third Eye at the 2009 AGM (from the Wife and JCSNE Proxy) -
by Susan Curtis

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Third Eye at the 2009 AGM (from the Wife and JCSNE Proxy)

Taking off to sunny snowless balmy Denver for the 2009 AGM was a treat. It is an opportunity to see
and hear the people who are the movers and shakers who make things happen for all of us in JCNA. It
was fun to meet club members from all over the US, Mexico and Canada. Getting that many people
together to express themselves and come to agreement is a terrific challenge. President Steve
Kennedy, with his pink hard hat in hand, was up to the job. That is probably why he was re-elected.
Only his wife, Deanne and friend, Rob voted against him. Vice President Dick Maury and Secretary
Sherman Taffel kept their positions also. It is very nice to be able to put the many names and faces

This is a passionate group. The two areas of heated discussions involve membership and rules
changes, both by-laws and concours. I want to highlight some Ątems I noted and then outline the rules

When Lou Kairys gave his membership report everyone jumped in with positive suggestions for a
better club. Lou offers that we can: 1) get copies of our newsletters to dealerships, advertisers, 2) put
our events into the local media, 3) use unique trophys, and 4) interact with other clubs. Other
suggestions include : 1) we need to have fun, 2) get young people involved, 3) extend yourself to new
members and mentor them, 4) connect with your dealership-tech needs , 5) advertise your club
through dealers, suppliers etc with your brochure, 6) make a new club brochure to include oldest car,
newest car, group picture, names & addresses, website and application (my suggestion). One club (fork
and knife club) meets at a different restaurant for every meeting. There are a million ways to be
creative and have fun with those jaguars.

That leads to the tip that there are 40,000 JCNA brochures available for your club's promotional use.
Call Nelson Rath and have him send some today!

Jaguar and the Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust together are currently offering brand new pre- 1977
Genuine Jaguar Parts for sale. Their website is jaguarclassicparts.com. You can order through your
Jaguar dealer also. Most of the production work is done in England where the people and original
tooling equipment are located.

JCNA is working on a Tool Exchange Program (George Camp). You send a deposit and postage and they
will send the tool. You return the tool when you are done using it.

A new appendex E has been added and will be online soon. It is an unordered compilation of articles,
letters, bulletins, etc, that documents the Jaguar factory authorized accessories available at the time of
production. Your delegate has a hard copy to share.

Gather the wagons around the Alamo on May 19-23 to join the 2009 Challenge Championship hosted
by the San Antonio Jaguar Club. Call Brian Blackwell 210-381-7737. Your Delegate has a CD to share.

Bylaws Changes
1) Meetings: Amendment allows that a location does not need to be determined for the AGM 2
years in advance because clubs cannot always commit 2 years ahead. Passed.
2) Proxys: 3 articles involving Proxys: a) only 1 proxy per club b) mandating proxy holder to
endeavor to detemine preferences of the club they represent and c) eliminate proxys
altogether. All failed. However, wording will be added to the proxy form to "endeavor to
determine preferences" of of the clubs represented.
3) Parliamentary Authority: Newly Revised Robert's Rules Of Order shall govern the proceedings
of JCNA. Passed.
4) Amendments: To add the fact that previous notice must be given to all proposed amendments
to the bylaws. Previous notice & 2/3 vote required by Roberts Rules Newly Revised. Also a
question of qu˘rum definition. Tabled.
5) Officer's Terms: The new board and officers shall take office upon completion of the business of
the AGM. Passed.
6) Director's Term. Added.. A Regional Director may be removed by the board for failure to
attend or participate in 3 regularly scheduled consecutive board of directors meetings without
cause as determined by the board of directors. ( They meet twice/yr.) Passed.

JCRC Rules Changes
Attachment 1 was Passed at Friday's Board session. It includes a provisi˘n that a proposal which
the JCR Committee failed to pass may be brought by the sponsor to the Board of Directors for
review. If 2/3 of the Board approve, it will go to the AGM for a delegate vote.
1) Chapter I: Under club discretionary trophies change the wording "Display Only" Division to
"Enthusiast" Division. Failed.
2) Chapter II: Entries must be driven to their assigned field parking to show they are drivable.
Trailering to the Concours venue is allowed for all Champion and Special Division entries and for
certain Driven Division entries (a floating 35 yr. and older cars.) Professional restorers must be
prepared to show ownership. As above, Display Only Division remains. Passed. Starts '09.
3) Chapter III Driven Division allows a floating 35 year and older cars to be trailered to an event in
divisions 1-5. Passed. Starts `09.
4) Chapter IIII There is a problem in carefully defining ownership of the car to keep the objective
of a club for family and owners and not commercial gain. Tabled.
5) Chapter V Under License Plate Frames and Covers a change allows plain license plate frames
or those advertising current or past Jaguar dealerships, JCNA or JCNA affiliates or promoting the
Jaguar marque are accepted. Clear covers are allowed. Driven Division plates will be only
judged for cleanliness and condition. Passed for '09.
6) Chapter VI Exception of replacement parts to read available under their original part number,
finish or superceded part number but having a different color or configuration than the original
will be accepted as authentic. Passed starts in `09.
7) Chapter VII Pin Striping. Because there has been authorized and unauthorized after market pin
striping (certain cars, locations and material) there is a smaller penalty for inaccuracy to .5 each
side for a total of 1 point deduction vs. the old total of 4 pt. . Passed starts `09.
8) Appendix E. Assembled bulletins, articles, advertising, letters by George Camp to aid in
documenting accessories. On line soon.

Rallye Rule Changes
1) Entering a Checkpoint from wrong direction receives a 50 sec. Penalty. Passed for '09.
2) If one member of a team is an expert, the team may not compete in Novice class. Passed '09.
3) Convert the Straight-ahead rule to Follow the main road rule. Passed for '09.
4) Non members will not be scored in the JCNA Championship. All participants must comply with
fees and document requirements. Passed for '09.
5) Over 40 minor changes, clarification, or deletions passed for Rallye Program Manual. Passed '09.
No Rule changes proposed for Slalom.