- Member goes Hollywood -
by Jim Baker

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We have a star among us now. Dave Putnam has gone Hollywood with his recently restored 1950 MK V sedan. The car was recruited to be in a movie being filmed in Pittsburgh and Dave got to tag along. He will get credit in the movie as Eric Roberts' driver. Dave was approached at the Pittsburgh concours this year but didn't think anymore about it till a call came in a few weeks later. Everything was arranged and he was off to be in the movies. As Dave tells it:

I trailered the Jaguar to Pittsburgh on Wednesday of last week. That evening I met with the costume department to get my gangster outfit approved. They said I could stick around so I watched a few scenes being filmed in an old warehouse. All of the Jaguar scenes were filmed at night. I had to be on set at midnight.

Here is a morning news report on the movie from Channel 4 in Pittsburgh. I'm opening up the trunk of the car in the clip. They forgot to mention my name. Oh Well, Eric got all the Glory.
The Jag was a Great hit. We worked from midnight to 7 AM. There were several scenes in front of the church and then we moved to another location in a warehouse district. The first scene I drove down the street and parked in front of the church. I got out and opened the rear door for Eric ( Casket Mike ). The other gangsters got out and we all walked across the street. It took three takes to get it the way the director wanted it. The second scene we did basically the same thing only this time I open the door for Eric and then walk behind the car, open the trunk and hand out shotguns, then we all run across the street. And so it went until the morning sun started to shine.
Eric Roberts said that's the sexiest car he had ever seen.


This is a link to an article in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review about Eric Roberts and the movie. At the end of that article is a link to an article about the vintage Autos used in the movie including the Mark V.