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The Lyons Roar
by David Harrison, VJC President

David Harrison, VJC President

The first VJC meeting of the year was a roaring success! Thirty enthusiastic Jaguarians enjoyed a visit to the Murff house and garage, with Coffee and Snacks by Marian, and Garage by Bruce. I must admit to spending most of my time in the garage , abandoning the ladies, who for some reason preferred the warm house. Bruce showed off his Series 2 E type roadster, which has had a bonnet-and-drivetrain-ectomy, and is probably not going to be ready for our 50th anniversary E-xperience in March. Don Jackson was blamed for the whole thing. Bruce's "Fedex Cabriolet" has had a front suspension overhaul , and is ready for the spring, but Bruce admitted his favourite Jaguar is his Daimler. Many of the blokes fell in love with the garage, more than one said he could live there. It was hard to drag them away for the VJC meeting.

After welcoming cvbcc representative David Glick, and our Dr. Bill Massey, the meeting first reviewed status of the upcoming AGM and XKExperience, now only 8 weeks away. The AGM team headed by Dr. Ron Gaertner has been working for 18 months on these events. Ron has done a fantastic job in publicising and in soliciting the financial sponsorships which have assured the funding of the AGM hosting and the XKExperience. I was very lucky to have secured Norman Dewis as our VIP guest and speaker. Una and I had met him at the Pittsburg AGM a few years ago and I had kept in touch. After our event, he will be travelling to Arizona to participate in the annual C-Type, D-Type and XK-SS rally organised by Terry Larson, then back to the UK.

Norman is now totally booked up with E-type appearances in Europe, and the VJC will be hosting the only 50th anniversary event this side of the pond with Norman as VIP, with the possible exception of Monterey who have just announced that Jaguar will be their featured marque. I think the challenge and importance of our AGM and XKExperience have put new energy into the VJC and urge all members to attend, hear the last of the jaguar greats from the fifties and sixties, and assist the AGM core group. Please contact me or Ron if you can help, if only for an hour or two at our command post or silent auction desks, or outside on parking detail on Saturday and Sunday.

The VJC calendar for 2011 was briefly reviewed, debated and more or less decided thru mid year. Our February VJC event will be a 12:30 lunch meeting at the Boathouse restaurant at Brandermill Lake on Sunday Feb 20. Brandermill is close to the intersection of Route 288 and Route 60 W (Hull Street) and has an informative website. The restaurant is boat-themed, with a fine view of the lake, and with excellent parking . Food is good and reasonably priced. It has a deck, and may be a future venue for VJC summer lunch drives or rallies.