- 2011 JCNA AGM Delegate Report -
by Kurt Rappold

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2011 AGM Delegate Report by Kurt Rappold
This year the Annual General Meeting of J.C.N.A. was held in Richmond Virginia in conjunction with the E-50 Experience, on Sunday. I was one of two delegates the club sent to this affair. Mike Tate, our V.P. also attended with his wife Muriel. Other members of the club that attended were Gerry Kunkle, treasurer DVJC, Glenn and Karen Davis, club Director in their new XK8, Rich Rosen, Club Director, Ann Perry and John Shirlow. Ann is our membership chairperson and long time owner of 'AnnsJag", an XJS Coupe, Mike Wolf, Current E-50 celebration Co-Chair, long time member with his E-Type Series 1 coupe.
This job is a joyful job for me as I get to visit with many long time friends and associates from the Jaguar world from all over North America.
This year we all had the wonderful visit by Norm Dewis, Jaguar Test driver and racer from England. At 92, he is as bright and witty as any 18 year old I know. He did three (3) book signings, spoke at 1 seminar for an hour and two (2) dinners for 45 minutes each. He is a genuine Jaguar icon who worked his way up through the ranks from a lowly apprentice in the machine shop making 2 pounds/per week. Now Jaguar provides him with a new XF and he is sent all over the world to speak. People love him as I do. We worked together presenting the winning trophies. The highlight of the banquet was getting your picture with Norman handing you your shinny trophy at the A.G.M. Ms. Perry and I organized the over 50 trophies so that Dick Kavicke, J.C.R.C. Chairman, could announce the winner's name and Norman handed them out.
Brian Blackwell handed out the Rally trophies. Steve Weinstein, J.C.N.A. Legal Chairman, passed out the slalom trophies with Norman in the photo, Mike Cook presented the Karen Miller award and the 15 newsletter awards of which our own Mike Tate took 1st. place for 'the 75 years of Jaguar" article he wrote. "Nice Job Mike"! Lastly George Camp, our new regional chairman and special awards committee chairman for JCNA presented, me the "Fred Hurner Award" for 2010. This is a prestigious sportsmanship award, basically for participation in 3 categories concours, rally and slalom. JCNA members can potentially win this one and all I did to win it was run the three events. This award was suspended for 2011 due to the committee deciding it was not fair to all members of the club??? The issue was that only (3) clubs, two in Texas and one, ours, in Pennsylvania holds sanctioned rallys. Having a rally is so easy, I can't believe all other clubs don't do them, it is a form of laziness.
Our 1st. Rally is coming up in May - soon!! May 20, 21, 22. Friday is a free day to see if you can run in a rally FREE. That is only 7 weeks away. There are special prizes for national awards for the novice category. The only thing we don't do for you is drive your Jaguar or rub your back. Please consider running your first rally with us. We are insured by SCCA and J.C. Taylor, if you are afraid of a scratch or ding on the jag, drive your SUV or pick-up. Call me if you do not understand anything about our rallies and ask for the Rally Chairman. She will tell you all about being the wife of a rallyist. I started this in 1994 when I was invited by Cloverleaf Auto and Dave Milling to run his 36 SS-100 to California and back on the 'Great Race Rally.,"
The drive of 500 miles to Richmond. The round trip was easy at 75 miles per hour set on my speed control. I went around Washington on the West side of 495 and feel it is shorter experience since there is no delay at the Potomac River bridge at the Maryland/Virginia State line.
I had done a lot of prep work getting the E-type ready and installation of complete new brakes on the big box trailer, so that all would go well.
The weather on Sunday for the E-50 Celebration was cold, rain and snow so the weather man was correct. When I saw the rain and snow when I took my suit bag out to the truck at 5 AM I made the decision to abandon the idea of a car show. My car has never seen snow and less than 5 rain storms to subject the car to that. (Hello collectors insurance company).
The AGM itself was normal, 142 delegates attending from all 83 clubs, the first time all had paid up (before the AGM). If you don't pay, you don't vote or attend. I roughly estimate it costs $14,200.00 per hour for all of us to sit there all from 630AM till 3:30 PM.
One issue I would like to point out that we discussed is concours certified head judges and regular certified judges. Our club is operated correctly by Charles Olson who reads the rule book. Steve Kress and I support Charlie 100% by holding as chief judges. and attending (2) judge re-certification sessions at the Oakbourne Mansion in Westtown PA. in May each year.
The rule says a certified Judge list must be submitted to JCRC-JCNA each year prior to the clubs concours.
Some clubs do not do that and this is a reflection I see when examining my scores on the same cars. I show at different clubs. Also there is a concern that you can't get a 100 on the west coast, the central part of the regional area of the US has been noted for 100's as I have seen restorers drag a car all the way to say Kansas to get the 100. Here in the northeast, it's the same cars that pull the 100's most of the time.
The judging is a lot better now that we have Judge training and education and now certification. The old JCRC Rule was to send in this list prior to the show. The rule now is that prior to being issued a sanction this certified judge list will be submitted. The (2) lawyers who monopolize our AGM each year took a full 25 minutes of our $14,200.00 per hour time to debate two words - should or will. This will only become effective, year 2012.
The rally and slalom rules remain the same, the national treasury is still in good condition with nearly $300,000. in the bank. Membership is down, but that is a sign of our times. Sales are up 20% this year so Jaguar dealers won't be closing shop any time soon.
Many thanks to Dr. Ron Gaertner and his able crew who had their 'act together" all the time and to Virginia Jag club president Dick Harrington for a wonderful car weekend!