- Tech Session at Harper's Jaguar Knoxville -
by Gary Cobble

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The Tech Session at Harper Jaguar continues to be a roaring success. On a very rainy Halloween day, many of the Smoky Mountain Jaguar Club contingent drove their Jaguars to the Service Department for various service work. Aided by lead Jaguar technician, Gary Volpe, with help from Logan Duckett and Chris Bradley, everybody got their maintenance work completed or at least left knowing just what parts to order to finish their maintenance. John Sapper dressed up like a mechanic for Halloween and changed the oil and filter in both the engine and transmission in his 1997 XJ6 VDP with the help of another SMJC member, Robert Margeson. Cyrus Taft had the “check engine” light in his 1994 XJ12 diagnosed and also replaced the rubber grommet on his radio antenna. Cyrus said that job would have been a little tricky without the advice of Gary Volpe. Jeff Jacobus changed the oil and filter in his 2002 X Type and hung around to lend moral support to other members. Johnny Jessie came to provide assistance as his 1983 XJS is having some transmission work done. Robert Hall was having some misfiring on his 1996 XJR. Gary was able to pinpoint the cause as air leaks around the fuel injector seals. Robert's father Glenn had a brake light diagnosed as faulty causing a “Fail Safe Mode Light” display on the dash of his 1998 XJ8L. Laurence Coulson was prepared to change out the throttle position potentiometer in his 1991 XJ6 Sovereign but the problem had fixed itself before the work session so he decided to wait and see if it recurred. Jerry Landis brought his grandson to do the hard work for him and replaced the electric door lock on his 1989 XJ6 VP and thought he had a failed window lift motor. It turned out the motor was OK and the problem was in the switch. Dennis Purdy drove in from Crossville to change the oil and filter in the engine of his 2000 XK8. Robert Patterson changed the oil and filter in the engine of his 1997 XK8. Reid Crumpton came prepared to change out the rear brake rotors on his 1995 XJS only to discover he had the wrong rotors. Tom Harper, Shannon Harper, and Gary Bowers all stopped in to say hello to the SMJC members. I think it goes without saying that the SMJC is very grateful for the hospitality extended to them from Harper Jaguar. This is definitely a highlight event on the SMJC calendar. As a side note, Logan Duckett gets the Best Halloween Costume Award for the event.