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September 17, 2012
dave morgan
Indianapolis 2012 Concourse
2006 XK8 Copper Black
2006 xk8 conv. copper/black westervile ohio

February 13, 2012
Robert Grisar
1971 Jaguar XKE Roadster, Series II
Robert Grisar
8543 Hemlock Ridge Drive
Kirtland, OH 44094

September 30, 2009
Jim Baker
The old and the new
'03 XJ8, '96 XJ6, '75 XJ6L

July 20, 2005
Jim Baker
'92 XJ40 Just too good to give up
My spare XJ
As often happens with these cars, they get to a point where they are part of the family and provide way more service and style than you could replace with what the would sell for. This car has been with us for a while and still just runs too good to think about replacing. Few little things here and there but, so far, nothing I couldn't fix. Still runs great at 120k and now ny son drives everyday. Won a couple a 3rd place nationals with it a couple of years back and still is in great shape.

February 14, 2005
Jim Baker
1996 X300
This is now the second year we have shown our '96 XJ6. Our '92 XJ40 took two national 3rd places and now this one recieved a 3rd last year and a 1st this year in Class D07. We've had a great time taveling to all the different shows and visiting with all our Jag buddies.

December 18, 2004
Thomas T. Kipp
89 Daily Driver
This is my daily driver, year round, all weather. I do like to show it in the summer. If you live in Central Ohio, you've probably seen this car. It gets driven often.

Tom Kipp
89 XJ-S Coupe

November 28, 2004
Jim Baker
JACO Concour
The Jaguar Association of Central Ohio holds its' annual concour in conjuction with the Arthritis Foundation, Central Ohio Chapter. Over the two day period there will be around 2000 show cars of all makes and models and some 20,000 spectators as well. This is one of the largest shows in this area and one not to be missed by any car enthusiast. For more infomation visit the web site.

November 20, 2004
Glenn Henson
2003/2004 E-Type Series III Concours Champion
1971 XKE Series III 2+2

September 17, 2004
Glenn Henson
1971 V12 E TYPE 2+2
1971 E Type III V-12 2+2
1971 XKE Series III 2+2

August 10, 2004
George Keller
2001 XJR
XJR 2001