Jaguar Association of Central Ohio

Established, 1973

Jaguar Association Of Central Ohio
N.c. Region - Club #29
Formed: 1973, Members: 78

In the summer of 1973 several owners of Jaguars around the city of Columbus met informally to discuss the possibility of forming a club of people interested in the Jaguar automobile. Out of this common interest the JCNA headquarters was contacted, and with the advice received, the first meeting was held in the undercroft of the Saint Joseph Cathedral. (Our first club president was a priest who drove an XK-120!) The first club roster listed ten memberships and from there our club had its roots.



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  • 2011 Challenge Championship (2011-05-20)
  • Member goes Hollywood (2010-10-29)
  • Challenge Championship in Columbus, 2011 (2010-08-06)
  • Challenge Championship comes to Central Ohio (2010-08-06)
  • Challenge Championship Comes to Central Ohio (2010-03-28)
  • JACO monthly meetings at the Barn Click here for club page (2009-12-01)
  • Central Ohio Club Stages 36th Concours (2008-07-07)
  • 2007 Concours (2007-07-11)
  • The Great Race Comes to Dublin (2006-05-24)

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    Upcoming club meetings will be held at "the barn" 45 Grace Dr. in Powell at 7PM. "The barn" is much more than it sounds, sort of a Jaguar enthusiast's dream. This is a private building with plenty of safe parking. Check out the website below for pictures of previous meetings. Be sure to set aside the following dates:

    9/9 Visit the collection of Toni Rucci

    Any questions call George Keller 614-975-8949 for website

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    July 11 Jaco Annual Concours

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    Indianapolis 2012 Concourse , , posted by dave morgan

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