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The Ontario Jaguar Owners' Association Inc. (OJOA) This association of Jaguar automobile enthusiasts was formed in December 1959 as a club whose purpose was to stimulate and encourage interest in the preservation, ownership and operation of Jaguar automobiles. Over the years the OJOA has grown to provide a means for exchange of information, technical and otherwise, to encourage interest in automobile sport and competitive events in Ontario, to provide social occasions for its members, and to foster interest in the Jaguar and Daimler automobiles. OJOA's activities are family-centred, and friendly as well as technically oriented.

As of 2014 we are celebrating 55 years as an affiliated club with the JCNA.
Our very name goes back to the origins of the JCNA when the JCNA name was "Jaguar Owners Association" we are proud of our heritage and our association with the JCNA and look forward to a great future and many more years with the JCNA.



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