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Upcoming Club Activities!

Sept. Meeting & Driving Event
Date: Sept. 20th
Time: 10:30/11:30
Location: Sierra Nevada Brewery Tour
RSVP: Elinor Bunker

Oct. Meeting & Driving Event
Date: Oct. 10th
Time: TBD
Location: Oktober Fest!
RSVP: Michael Hunter

Past Club Events
The club event at Travis Air Force Base Museum was great, please check out the pictures included in the newsletter

September 23rd was the Sacramento Jaguar Club's JCNA sanctioned Concourse at Thunder Valley Casino.
If you weren't there you missed one great event!
Here are a few pictures of this event.

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For many more photos by Rich Tsai, go to this link:

Past Events
Woodland UBSCC Annual All British Motorcar Show.

Of the 212 preregistered entrants, 22 were Jaguars. An estimated 250 entrants filled the field. Only 4 SJ-S entrants pre-registered, however 8 appeared on the field. Sacramento Jaguar Club entrants included the Collipriest and Marshal's XJ-S and the Banta's XK150.

Once again SJC fielded an information tent gaining one new member and several more potentials.

Field of XJ-Ss

SJC Information tent.

The Clear Lake run was fun. Look for a complete report in the June issue of the Jag Wyre.

The weather Was great on Saturday April 21 for our Olive Oil tasting at Lucero Olive Oil Company and wine tasting at the New Clairvaux Abbey in Corning and in nearby Vina.

The event turned out 16 members and friends and 8 SJC Jaguars.

Concours judges training

The training sessions for concours judging certification have been completed by seven Sacramento Jaguar Club members. The sessions were held by SJC member Gerald Nuijen and Reno Club member Gerald Gara. SJC now has enough certified judges to qualify for our JCNA sanctioned concours in September.

Judges study session

Practice judging

Links to other important interests and SJC Club Sponsorships:

Towe Auto Museum

Sacramento Zoo
Click here for Jaguar Exhibit information.

Railroad Museum

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    ....upcoming events in Sept.…
    Date: Sept. 20, 2014

    Time 10:30/11:30

    Location: Drive to Brewery

    Phone: NA
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