Jaguar Association Of Greater Indiana
Formed 1999, Members: ~90

Our members love the Jaguar marque and enjoy sharing their passion by showing and driving their Jags. Monthly meetings are held on the third Monday of each month. Meetings are informative, and, when possible, feature speakers who can address our interest in Jaguar cars, including newer models as well as the classics. Tech sessions are scheduled to assist our members in the maintenance and restoration of their Jaguars. Road events are scheduled for the spring, summer, and fall seasons. Each year, we host JAGIN's Concours d'Elegance, which draws entrants from numerous JCNA clubs. And, our annual holiday party includes an award ceremony to honor club members' contributions. Interested persons are welcome to attend our get-togethers and see what we're about.

October 2014 Road Trip: Morgan’s Raid Run

To make sure we are all up on our Hoosier history, the Jaguar Association of Greater Indiana is planning a
special drive/tour in Southern Indiana in mid-October. The trip will trace the route of the infamous 1863 raid led by Confederate Brigadier General John Hunt Morgan. Mark your calendars for the October 17-18 event, which will guide members along the historic and scenic back roads between Corydon and Lawrenceburg.

Check back soon for details for this overnight trip.

In the meantime, please read Mark Smith's article that delves into the history of Morgan's Raid. You can find Mark's article in the July 2014 JAGIN newsletter (just click the newsletter link at right).



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    JAGIN's next Tech Session will be held Friday, September 13th, at
    Capital City Ford in Indianapolis.

    Check back soon for details.
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