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The Inland Empire Jaguar Club is a JCNA-affiliated Jaguar Club that serves the Jaguar Enthusiasts of the Inland California Empire.

Our area of service includes Temecula, Riverside, Murietta, Menifee, Lake Elsinore, Fallbrook, Corona, Sun City, Hemet, Norco, Ontario, San Bernardino and the many surrounding communities.



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The Inland Empire Jaguar Club is a group of people that want to get the most from their Jaguar Automobile and from their club.

This group of Jaguar owners enjoys frequent JCNA club-events, scenic weekend-drives, social gatherings at the classiest venues in the area, long walks on the beach… you get the idea – we like to have FUN.

Plus, we host one of the finest annual Concours d’Elegance on the west coast to show off our prized cars.

The IEJC is a small club, and we need you to help make our organization grow. Please sign up today.

State of the Club

Greetings fellow jag nuts. Hope you have had the opportunity to get out in your cars and enjoy the great weather. We only have 8 or 9 more months of this so get out there…

We are always on the lookout for new members. Print the membership application at the end of this month’s newsletter and throw it on a couple jag windshields when you are out and about. Share the joy…

IEJC is pleased to announce our next club get together and board meeting will be Sunday July 6th at El Dorado Park in Long Beach. Details and directions are in this month’s newsletter.

The San Diego Concours is July 13th. Registration and information is also in this month’s newsletter.

Be sure and get your entry forms in for our Jagstravaganza celebration scheduled for September 28th in Fallbrook. All jags are welcome, there will be food, fun and prizes. The event includes Jags and many other British cars. Check out the details in this newsletter – we want to see all of you there!

Western States will be held in Colorado Springs the week of September 2-6. Many of us will be trekking out there. Let me know if you are interested in attending, and see the info in this month’s newsletter.

IEJC welcomes our newest sponsor, XKs Unlimited! Please buy stuff from them, and say the IEJC sent you so we get more sponsorship, eh…

2014 IEJC Officers

Please join me in congratulating our new club officers for 2014. These folks will be investing their time and energy in club business.

President - Mike Z. m_zavos@hotmail.com
VP - Dorian Paul dorianpaul@hotmail.com
Sec. - Pat McCurdy pemccurdy@yahoo.com
Treasurer - Jen Hanson jd_hanson@hotmail.com

2014 IEJC Committee Chairs

Website Chair - Mike Z. m_zavos@hotmail.com

I will be working to restore the IEJC website, find a hosting service, and update content. Please email me if you have anything you would like me to add to the website.

Events Chairs - Jen Hanson & Jocelyn Kelley

Jen and Joc will be working to plan our concours and several other events this year. Please email them if you have any suggestions.

Sponsorship Chair - Mark Mayuga mark.mayuga@id-energy.org

The club has identified several potential sponsorship, tie-ins, and fund-generating opportunities. Mark will be investigating and negotiating those for their potential. Please email him if you have any ideas.

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Events Calendar

Join us monthly for our club meeting. Club meetings start at 11 AM, right after our board meeting, which starts at 10 AM.

This month’s meeting will be held at the IEJC/JOC joint club picnic Sunday July 6th at El Dorado Park in Long Beach. Details can be found in this month's newsletter.

SD Concours July 13th

SD Club holds their annual concours at Spanish landing in SD across from the airport. Great spot on the bay, and a very competitive show.

Inland Empire Jagstravaganza and show September 28th

The Inland Empire Club will hold its annual Jaguar celebration in Fallbrook, in conjunction with the English Motors at Fairbrook Farm, a gathering of over 250 British motorcars. Events include vendors, dealers, auto jumble and food. All Jaguar owners are invited to attend, and bring out your Jag!

Thanks to all for your support, and hope to see you soon in your Jaguar...
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September 28 Inland Empire Jagstravaganza

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1992 XJS V-12 Convertible , 1992 XJS V-12 Convertible , posted by mike zavos

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