Illinois Jaguar Club


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- Sanctioned Event Results -
Date Type Event Name
July 26, 2014 Concours IJC Concours d Elegance
July 21, 2013 Slalom Third Annual Slalom
July 20, 2013 Concours Concours d' Elegance
July 29, 2012 Slalom IJC Slalom
July 28, 2012 Concours IJC Concours d' Elegance
July 30, 2011 Concours E-Type Extravaganza
July 29, 2011 Slalom IJC Slalom
July 31, 2010 Concours Concours d'Elegance
July 25, 2009 Concours IJC concours d'Elegance
July 26, 2008 Concours IJC Concours d' Elegance
June 23, 2007 Concours Illinois Jaguar Club Concours and Festiv
July 28, 2006 Concours Illinois Jaguar Ass. 37th Ann. Concours
July 30, 2005 Concours IL Jaguar Club
August 7, 2004 Concours Illinois Jaguar Club 35th Annual Concour
August 9, 2003 Concours Illinois Jaguar Club 34th Annual Concour
July 14, 2002 Concours 33rd Annual Concours d'Elegance
July 15, 2001 Concours Concours


August 9, 2003, Illinois Jaguar Club 34th Annual Concour

Class Pl. Name JCNA # Car ScoreEntrant's Club
   C01B 1Phil & Lupe TaxmanSC20-237981939 SS 2.5 Saloon Pale Primrose 99.9 Jaguar Association of Greater St. Louis
   C01B 2Jim & Lisa HendrixSC20-171431947 SS 2,5 Saloon Black & Red 99.5 Jaguar Association of Greater St. Louis
   C03 1Michael & Suzie KsiazekNC13-165951956 XK140 MCSE Imperial Maroon 99.98 Illinois Jaguar Club
   C03 2Andrew SimoNC13-251761955 XK140 British Racing Green 99.94 Illinois Jaguar Club
   C03 3Jody Lewis & Jim SchnuteNC13-360171957 XK140 Imperial Maroon 98.67 Illinois Jaguar Club
   C04 1Michael & Suzie KsiazekNC13-165951959 XK150 S British Racing Green 99.84 Illinois Jaguar Club
   C04 2Leslie & Patricia RichSC20-197121960 XK150 British Racing Green 99.31 Jaguar Association of Greater St. Louis
   C05 1Dick & Sue GasperNC47-344511962 XKE Opalescent Silver Grey 99.93 Wisconsin Jaguars Ltd.
   C05 2Frank TroostNC13-246581965 XKE Carmen Red 99.8 Illinois Jaguar Club
   C05 3Jayne IfflaSC50-343381961 XKE British Racing Green 99.79 San Antonio Jaguar Club
   C05 4Vern FosterNC13-395611966 XKE Carmen Red 99.3 Illinois Jaguar Club
   C05 5Allan PriceNC13-187241965 XKE Golden Sand 98.88 Illinois Jaguar Club
   C06 1Rodney & Laura LindooNC13-35201970 XKE 2+2 White 95.71 Illinois Jaguar Club
   C07 1Terry LoveNC13-356281974 XKE Regency Red 100 Illinois Jaguar Club
   C07 2Charles & Carolyn StorkNC47-357901973 XKE Silver 99.88 Wisconsin Jaguars Ltd.
   C09 1Daniel & Vicki DieskaNC13-35021967 Mark II Dark Blue 98.38 Illinois Jaguar Club
   C10 1John & Bunni Boswell IiNC47-61501973 XJ6 Brown 95.05 Wisconsin Jaguars Ltd.
   C14 1Richard & Holly AndersonNC13-267251985 XJS Red 99.53 Illinois Jaguar Club
   C15 1James FoghtNC13-384691950 XK120 Black 99.44 Illinois Jaguar Club
   C16 1Dennis & Carolyn EynonSW02-244221953 XK120 Black 99.92 Jaguar Club of Central Arizona
   C16 2Mark B & Pamela M AtkinsonSC31-371291954 XK120M FHC Silver 99.84 Central Oklahoma Jaguar Association
   C17 1Peter Delphos1997 XK8 Convert. Carnival Red 99.92
   C17 2Frederick WelkNC47-269321998 XK8 CARNIVAL RED 98.76 Wisconsin Jaguars Ltd.
   C18 1Dennis & Carolyn EynonSW02-244221972 XKE Light Blue 99.96 Jaguar Club of Central Arizona
   C19 1Dick & Sue GasperNC47-344512000 S-type Platinum 99.88 Wisconsin Jaguars Ltd.
   C19 2Crispin HalesNC13-152772002 X-type Adriatic Blue 99.29 Illinois Jaguar Club
   D02 1Thomas R & Daria DurhamNC13-245401967 E-type/silver Blue 9.975 Illinois Jaguar Club
   D02 2Tom PrinzingNC13-319251966 XKE Red 9.96 Illinois Jaguar Club
   D02 3Joe & Sylvia Anderson1967 XKE White 9.954
   D02 4Fabrice & Carolyn BraunrotNC13-315391966 XKE Opalescent Silver Blue 9.868 Illinois Jaguar Club
   D02 5Burton Benjamin1966 XKE Red 9.852
   D02 6Bruce RobertsonNC13-394891961 XKE Grey 9.806 Illinois Jaguar Club
   D03 1Wayne & Kay WagnerNC13-231421970 XKE Willow Green 9.993 Illinois Jaguar Club
   D03 2John & Cindy HarwoodNC13-296991969 XKE Regency Red 9.953 Illinois Jaguar Club
   D03 3Robert L NiesseNC13-232831969 XKE Signal Red 9.794 Illinois Jaguar Club
   D03 4John SchwaigerNC13-127961968 XKE Red 9.733 Illinois Jaguar Club
   D03 5Lance D WilliamsNC13-345481969 XKE Regency Red 9.73 Illinois Jaguar Club
   D03 6Shelly YoelinNC13-368851969 XKE Signal Red 9.688 Illinois Jaguar Club
   D03 7Michael A. Flaws1969 XKE Blue 9.546
   D04 1Mike & Deb KorneliNC47-134361973 XKE Regency Red 9.978 Wisconsin Jaguars Ltd.
   D04 2Michael AbramsonNC13-356831973 XKE Silver 9.924 Illinois Jaguar Club
   D04 3Mark A . & Lori HavemannNC13-300391972 XKE Dark Blue 9.907 Illinois Jaguar Club
   D04 4Al & Pam UmaskeNC47-316281974 XKE Red 9.555 Wisconsin Jaguars Ltd.
   D05 1Rob JonkerNC13-232731963 Mark II Old English White 9.961 Illinois Jaguar Club
   D05 2Thomas W. CummingsNC13-285851967 420G Imperial Maroon 9.939 Illinois Jaguar Club
   D05 3Don & Carol WrightSC30-328381983 DS420 Titanium Sapphire 9.914 Jaguar Club of Tulsa
   D05 4Philip ModicaNC13-395221960 Mark II Burgundy 9.878 Illinois Jaguar Club
   D06 1James LiottaNC13-375731983 XJ6 Blue 9.914 Illinois Jaguar Club
   D06 2R. K. & Gayle Dompke1976 XJ6L Silver 9.83 Illinois Jaguar Club
   D06 3Scott Swire1985 Sr.III XJ6 VDP Black 9.792
   D07 1Fabrice & Carolyn BraunrotNC13-315391998 XJ8L British Racing Green 9.995 Illinois Jaguar Club
   D07 2James T FinnNC13-344641994 XJ6 9.99 Illinois Jaguar Club
   D07 2Joe PollockNC13-372841998 XJ8 White 9.99 Illinois Jaguar Club
   D07 3Ronald E. & Dorothy PetersonNC13-381931999 XJ8L 9.986 Illinois Jaguar Club
   D07 4Cliff MathewsSC35-299941994 XJ6 VDP Jade Green 9.983 Jaguar Owners Association of the Southwe
   D07 5Donald Mc Comb1989 XJ6 Black 9.964
   D08 1James LiottaNC13-375731995 XJS Red 9.97 Illinois Jaguar Club
   D08 2Al & Pam UmaskeNC47-316281991 XJS WHITE 9.88 Wisconsin Jaguars Ltd.
   D08 3Howard SilversNC13-357591984 XJS Antelope 9.586 Illinois Jaguar Club
   D10 1Michael Procaccio2001 S-type Silver 9.992