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- Sanctioned Event Results -
Date Type Event Name
April 6, 2014 Concours Jaguar Club Mexico Concourse de Elegance
April 13, 2013 Concours Gran Concurso de Elegancia Club Jaguar
April 21, 2012 Concours Concourse De Elegance Jaguar Club Méxic
April 3, 2011 Concours Concourse de Elegance Jaguar Club Mexico
April 17, 2010 Concours Concourse de Elegance Jaguar Club Méxic
April 25, 2009 Concours Concourse de Elegance Jaguar Club Méxic
April 19, 2008 Concours Jaguar Club Mexico Concourse de Elegance
April 21, 2007 Concours Jaguar Club Concourse De Elegance
May 14, 2006 Concours Jaguar Club Concourse de Elegance


April 19, 2008, Jaguar Club Mexico Concourse de Elegance

Class Pl. Name JCNA # Car ScoreEntrant's Club
   C02 Alberto & Mercedes Lenz KrahlSC14-437611954 XK 120, OTC, Pistachio Green 97.44 Club Jaguar A.C.
   C02 Enrique VilaSC14-362911952, XK-120, FHC, Sherwood Green 96.81 Club Jaguar A.C.
   C04 Enrique VilaSC14-362911961,XK-150S, FHC, Claret/Maroon 94.97 Club Jaguar A.C.
   C04 Adolfo RivasSC14-362831960 XK-150S OTC Red 90.85 Club Jaguar A.C.
   C05 Miguel Angel & Mariana DavilaSC14-460451964, XKE Series I. FHC, Brit. Rac.Green 97.04 Club Jaguar A.C.
   C07 Enrique VilaSC14-362911974 XKE Series III OTC Old English Whit 98.27 Club Jaguar A.C.
   C07 Alejandro IsoardSC14-417141974 XKE Series III OTC Black 98.15 Club Jaguar A.C.
   C07 Juan & Josefina CarreteroSC14-437571974, XKE Series III, OTC, White 92.04 Club Jaguar A.C.
   C08 Adolfo RivasSC14-362831960 Mark X Black 9.814 Club Jaguar A.C.
   C09 Jose De La PenaSC14-338841960 MK II Sedan Sherwood Green 95.85 Club Jaguar A.C.
   C09 Alfonso Cassab1960, MK II Sedan, Willow Green 89.91
   D03 Jorge EscuderoSC14-417131967, XKE Series 1.5 OTC, Yellow 9.918 Club Jaguar A.C.
   D03 Jose Abraham SanchezSC14-400491968 XKE Series 1.5 FHC Regency Red 9.881 Club Jaguar A.C.
   D03 Alberto Valle Sanchez1967, XKE Series II 2+2 FHC Regency Red 9.871
   D04 Ariel ZagorinSC14-338981973 XKE Series III OTC, Burgundy Red 9.69 Club Jaguar A.C.
   D04 Jeffrey CarlsonSC14-417111974 XKE Series III OTC Regency Red 9.61 Club Jaguar A.C.
   D05 Guillermo EncinasSC14-362851962, MK II Sedan, Blue 9.83 Club Jaguar A.C.
   D06 Baltasar MenaSC14-453061984 XJ6 Wine Red 9.869 Club Jaguar A.C.
   D06 Juan Manuel Bardasano1975, XJ6- Series II Coupe, Black 9.837
   D06 Jose Abraham SanchezSC14-400491980 XJ6 VDP Old English White 9.817 Club Jaguar A.C.