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- Sanctioned Event Results -
Date Type Event Name
July 19, 2014 Concours HEAD TO THE MOUNTAINS
July 20, 2013 Concours head to the mountains
July 21, 2012 Concours HEAD TO THE MOUNTAINS
July 23, 2011 Concours HEAD TO THE MOUNTAINS
April 17, 2011 Slalom The Gathering
July 17, 2010 Concours Head for the Mountains
July 18, 2009 Concours Head for the Mountains
June 28, 2008 Concours Carolina Jaguar Jubilee
April 21, 2007 Concours Gathering
April 23, 2006 Slalom The Gathering/ Slaloms
April 23, 2006 Slalom The Gathering/ Slalom
April 23, 2006 Slalom The Gathering/ Slalom
April 22, 2006 Concours The Gathering
April 24, 2005 Slalom The Gathering/ Slalom
April 23, 2005 Concours Gathering
June 13, 2004 Concours British Car Day South
September 27, 2003 Concours Autumn in the Mountains
October 19, 2002 Concours SE Regional Concours
October 19, 2002 Slalom Regional Slalom
June 9, 2002 Concours British Car Day South
April 28, 2002 Slalom Slalom
October 20, 2001 Concours Concours


October 20, 2001, Concours

Class Pl. Name JCNA # Car ScoreEntrant's Club
   C01B 1Norm ParrishSE-21-197791949 Mk V, Black 99.88 SE-21
   C01B 2Mike & Diane FultonSE-21-330521938 Ss Saloon, Blue/silver 99.55 SE-21
   C02 1Thomas & Ann PalisiSE-11-46601953 Xk120, White 100 SE-11
   C03 1Terry WallSE-34-335771957 Xk140, 99.88 SE-34
   C04 1Dave & Mary RamseyAL-98-267121959 Xk150s, Indigo 99.94 AL
   C04 2Terry WallSE-34-335771960 Xk150, 99.87 SE-34
   C04 3Hartmut Von SeelenSE-34-349221958 Xk150s, 98.93 SE-34
   C05 1Jerry Wise / Dan LigasSE-09-199111967 E-type Si, Dark Blue 100 SE-09
   C05 2Walter TurnerSE-34-302671966 E-type Si, 99.87 SE-34
   C05 3Randy SmedleySE-34-354971967 E-type Si Ots, Red 98.91 SE-34
   C05 4David MathewsonSE-21-350221961 E-type Si, White 97.73 SE-21
   C06 1W. Graham NewmanSE-21-NEWMAN1970 E-type Si+/ii Conv, Fawn 99.11
   C06 2Mike VoorheesSE-21-VOORHE1969 E-type Si+/ii Conv, 94.98
   C07 1Pickens AndersonSE-34-250561974 E-type Siii, 99.72 SE-34
   C07 2Van WellsSE-34-329901973 E-type Siii, 99.26 SE-34
   C07 3Gerald Mitchell JrSE-56-269221971 E-type Siii, 99.13 SE-?
   C07 4Dr. W H DavidsonSE-34-207161971 E-type Siii 2+2, Red 98.76 SE-34
   C07 5Bill WaltonSE-21-339941971 E-type Siii 2+2, 98.41 SE-21
   C09 1Dick GeogheganSE-21-237161962 Mk 2 Silver 99.9 SE-21
   C10 1Brian HernanSE-21-265881972 Xj6 S1, Red 98.98 SE-21
   C14 2Greg & Dawn TurnerSE-21-288221988 Xjs, Silver Blue 99.65 SE-21
   C14 3Jim & Mimi MortonSE-21-225621995 Xjs Conv, Black 99.62 SE-21
   C14 4Gary CobbleSE-56-359151990 Xjs, 99.26 SE-?
   C16 1Dave & Becky EckroteSE-21-168241991 Xjs Conv, Black 99.88 SE-21
   C17 1Jerry & Mary TurnerSE-21-232501998 Xk8 Cpe, Silver 99.87 SE-21
   C19 1Don & Janet ChanningSE-21-285402000 S-type, Green 99.91 SE-21
   C19 2Bob & Judy ReidSE-56-153792000 S-type, Blue 99.73 SE-?
   D01 1Eddie SaundersSE-34-SAUNDE1958 Xk150, 9.98 SE-34
   D01 2Gerald EllisonSE-21-350141956 Xk140 Ots, Green 9.93 SE-21
   D02 3Danny BurnsteinSE-34-305141961 E-type Si, 9.99 SE-34
   D02 2Mark LovelloSE-21-258001965 E-type Si Fhc, Black 9.99 SE-21
   D02 1Glenn ThoreSE-21-237191967 E-type Si, Maroon 9.99 SE-21
   D02 4Nick MartinSE-34-MARTIN1967 E-type Si, 9.96 SE-34
   D03 1Robert CatheySE-34-302691970 E-type Sii, 9.99 SE-34
   D03 2William B. PairSE-54-353241971 E-type Sii, Red 9.89 SE-54
   D03 3Paul HerigSE-21-HERIG1969 E-type Sii, 9.66 SE-21
   D05 1Clifford PriceSE-21-PRICE1960 Mk Ii, Maroon 9.93 MAL
   D06 1Jerry & Judith CohenSE-21-335401986 Daimler, Blue 9.99 SE-21
   D06 2Cathryn CarstensSE-21-308451977 Xj12l S3, Silver 9.98 SE-21
   D07 1Bill & Margaret BinghamSE-21-278981994 Xj6 (xj40), Green 9.99 SE-21
   D08 6Rolf ZenkerSE-34-319751988 Xjs-c, Ivory 9.99 SE-34
   D08 5Harry CramerSE-34-254561995 Xjs, Green 9.99 SE-34
   D08 4Jim & Sue KennedySE-21-265871994 Xjs Conv, Blue 9.99 SE-21
   D08 3Darryl MclendonSE-34-350241996 Xjs, 9.99 SE-34
   D08 2Louis MazzieSE-21-286181995 Xjs, Topaz 9.99 SE-21
   D08 1Ralph WillmottSE-21-294621991 Xjs, Red 9.99 SE-21
   D09 1David LeeSE-21-LEE2000 Xk8 Conv, Blue 9.99 SE-21