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Saturday, June 6, 2015 NW44-Pacific Jaguar Enthusiasts Group
Concours Meadows Day's Concours in the Meadows.
Art Dickenson
19548 Hammond Rd, Pitt Meadows, BC, Canada. V3Y1L3 silver007@telus.net
Judge Specific Member JCNA# Classes Judged  
Mike and Christine Lawton NW44-45918J D6/XJ, D7/XJ, D8/XJS view history
Class Entrant Name Specific Entrant Name JCNA# Car Specs Score
D6/XJ: XJ6/12 Series 1 & 2, Saloons and Coupes (1968-79); Series III XJ6, XJ6 Sovereign and XJ6 VDP (1979-87); Series III V12 and V12 VDP (1979-92) Timothy Horton NW42-55836 1988 XJ12 10.00000
D7/XJ: XJ6 (XJ40) Sedans (1987-94); XJ12 (XJ40) (1993-94); XJ6/12/R, (X300) (1995-97) Doreen and Ian Newby NW42-16909 1993 XJ40 10.00000
D8/XJS: XJ-S/SC (1976 - 1991 Pre-Facelift) Coupe, Cabriolet, H&E Convertible, Convertible, XJR-S Le Mans, XJR-S Jaguar Sport. Derek Critchley NW42-54775 1986 XJS 9.99000