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Master Report
Wednesday, August 1, 2007 NC51-Jaguar Association of Greater Indiana
Rally Challenge Championship 2007 Rally
Indianapolis IN  
Brian Blackwell 210-695-8504
10506 Bar D Trl San Antonio TX 78023 blackwbg@sbcglobal.net

Judge History

Class JCNA # Component Name Status / Test date
Class Entrant Name Specific Entrant Name JCNA# Car Specs Score
T2 Nelson Burkhart - 64 E-Type Blue 816.00000
T2 Larry Smith - 96 XJS Signal Red 780.00000
T2 Gary Hagopian - 62 E-Type FHC Silver 736.00000
T2 Steve and Alisa Weinstein NE52-32043 70 E Type FHC Dk Blue 715.00000
T2 Walter and Beth Reid SC20-36138 95 XJ6 709.00000
T2 Michael Hutchison NC43-44567 73 E-Type Green 687.00000
T2 Charles W Olson NE33-29236J 94 XJS Blue 665.00000
T2 Ed Haynes - 73, E-Type, BRG 646.00000
T2 Keith Bertenshaw - D-Type BRG 566.00000
T2 Cynthia Loveall SC16-31972 95, XJS, Red 551.00000
T2 Richard Maury - 71, E-Type, FHC, Green 414.00000
T2 Tom and Debbie Krefetz SW03-16932J 65, E-Type, OTS, BRG 400.00000
T2 Ken Haas NE08-20674J 75 XJ12C Black 1 200.00000
Class Entrant Name Entry Score
T2 Kenneth Haas Jaguar Club of Southern New England 1200.00000
T2 Nelson Burkhart Ontario Jaguar Owners Association 816.00000
T2 Larry Smith North Georgia Jaguar Club 780.00000
T2 Gary Hagopian Jaguar Association of New England 736.00000
T2 Steve Weinstein Jaguar Touring Club 715.00000
T2 Walt Reid Jaguar Association of Greater St. Louis 709.00000
T2 Rob Hutchison Ontario Jaguar Owners Association 687.00000
T2 Charles W Olson Delaware Valley Jaguar Club 665.00000
T2 Ed Haynes 646.00000
T2 Keith Bertenshaw Jaguar Touring Club 566.00000
T2 Cynthia Loveall Heart of America Jaguar Club 551.00000
T2 Richard Maury North Georgia Jaguar Club 414.00000
T2 Tom Krefetz San Diego Jaguar Club 400.00000