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Master Report
Saturday, February 2, 2008 SC50-San Antonio Jaguar Club
Rally 19th Annual Rallye to Luckenbach
Luckenbach, Texas, USA  
Brian Blackwell 210-695-8504
10506 Bar D Trl Helotes, TX 78023 blackwbg@sbcglobal.net

Judge History

Class JCNA # Component Name Status / Test date
Class Entrant Name Entry Score
T2 Jim Hockstadt San Antonio Jaguar Club 925.00000
T2 Judi Carvajal Jaguar Owners Association of the Southwe 801.00000
T2 Bill Kannawn San Antonio Jaguar Club 567.00000
T2 Cynthia Loveall Heart of America Jaguar Club 493.00000
T2 Fran Curran San Antonio Jaguar Club 455.00000
T2 Rose Snyder San Antonio Jaguar Club 222.00000
T2 Paul Russo Stone San Antonio Jaguar Club 201.00000
T2 Patrick Phillips Jaguar Club of Houston 177.00000
T2 Peter Ferrer Jaguar Club of Houston 174.00000