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Master Report
Sunday, April 19, 2009 SC38-Jaguar Club of Houston
Rally 4th Annual J.C.O.H. TSD Rally
The Woodlands, TX  
Robert Norris 713 625-7031
84311 Hunters Creek Dr Houston, TX 77026 rnorris@pscnow.com

Judge History

Class JCNA # Component Name Status / Test date
Class Entrant Name Specific Entrant Name JCNA# Car Specs Score
T2 Thomas Hale - 1988 XJS Coupe Grey 607.00000
T2 Patrick Phillips - 1973 E-Type SIII Conv 373.00000
T2 Mark Eldred - 2002 XKR Conv Blk 344.00000
T2 M. Terese Verklan - 2006 XKR Coupe Copper Blk 321.00000
Class Entrant Name Entry Score
T2 Thomas Hale Jaguar Club of Houston 607.00000
T2 Patrick Phillips Jaguar Club of Houston 373.00000
T2 Mark Eldred Jaguar Club of Houston 344.00000
T2 M. Terese Verklan Jaguar Club of Houston 321.00000
T2n Beda Young Jaguar Club of Houston 807.00000
T2n Joe Gonzalez Jaguar Club of Houston 370.00000
Z Bruce Varley Sabine River Rally Club 693.00000
Z Dani Ostrowski 463.00000