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Master Report
Saturday, January 22, 2011 SC50-San Antonio Jaguar Club
Rally 22nd Annual Rallye to Luckenbach
El Chapparal Restaurant, Helotes, Texas  
Brian Blackwell 210-695-8504
10506 Bar D Trl Helotes, TX 78023 bblackwell@jcna.com

Judge History

Class JCNA # Component Name Status / Test date
Class Entrant Name Specific Entrant Name JCNA# Car Specs Score
T2 Joe Romo III and Fran Curran SC50-18222J 2206 XK8 Roadster Black 490.00000
T2 Don and Rose Snyder SC50-23034J 2002 XKR Coupe - Silver 387.00000
T2 Peter and Maria Ferrer SC38-43177 2002 XJR (Platinum) 106.00000
T2 M. Terese Verklan - 2006 XKR Gray 81.00000
T2 Mark Eldred - 2002 XKR100 Roadster Black 52.00000