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Having difficult time posting photo using current method.

Ronald Banks
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forum user since 2012-04-13


Hi all! I am a new member and I'm having a hard time posting a photo of my 1996 XJR that I have up for sale in PA. Currently, I have the ad posted on the classified section wit no photo can someone please help. According to the instructions posted on the help page my system should be able to post photos to Jag server. Thanks

Re.: Having difficult time posting photo using current method.

Brad Purvis
Virginia Jaguar Club *

forum user since 2012-06-01


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Usually the problem lies in the file size or type you are trying to post. The maximum image size is 200k and file must be a JPG or GIF. In some cases you may have to resize your image within whatever photo application you are using, or export the photo and resize it during that process. For instance, on an iMac with iPhoto I will first select the photo I wish to use from iPhoto and then under the FILE menu select EXPORT. A box will appear which allows you to change the file type and size during export. Make sure the file type is either JPG or GIF and then select CUSTOM on the size bar. I use 200 px, which seems to work OK on this forum, but you can certainly play with the size,to see what whork best for each picture. Hope this helps.

Re.: Having difficult time posting photo using current method.

William Brady
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forum user since 2004-02-15


I have tried twice to post an ad the second time I paid the $10 fee, but it has disappeared, I came back on to try adding photos for the 3rd time but it has gone?? All pics were less than 200k .

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Re.: Having difficult time posting photo using current method.

Dick Maury
North Georgia Jaguar Club *

forum user since 2006-09-17


Hi William, please forward me your ad and picture. I would like to see what his happening and will get it worked out and posted. As a member, you should not have to pay $10.00. This is for commercial ads. If yours is a commercial ad, let me know.

Dick Maury, Rebuild Department, Coventry West, Former JCNA President

Re.: Having difficult time posting photo using current method.

Pascal, JCNA Webmaster
South Florida Jaguar Club *

forum user since 2002-10-30



It s very hard to help without information. Are you getting an error message when click on submit? What size and file type is the picture you are trying to post? Any error message will be shown at the top of the page after you click on submit


I only see a single attempt from you in the last few days. The image was uploaded but you selected commercial post. As clearly explained in the help page, commercial post may take a day it two to be released since that s done manually after the payment has been received. I have not been notified of the payment but have released the ad anyway.

If it is indeed a commercial ad, pls send the $10 via PayPal. If it is not, then you are all set

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