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Troubleshoot Coil MKIX

Chuck Bird
Sacramento Jaguar Club *

forum user since 2011-04-02


The symptom is no spark at the plugs.

I believe the coil is a Bosch but I'm not certain. The two small wires from the coil are labeled "BAT+" and "RUP-". When the ignition is turned on, both of these terminals have -12V on them (measured from chassis w/ positive earth).

Is this correct?
Is there a test I can perform to test the coil?

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1961 MK IX

Troubleshoot Coil MKIX

William Brady
Jaguar Owners Club, Inc. *

forum user since 2004-02-15


Yes, the voltage at the coil is correct, the feed has to go through it, have someone turn over the engine and see if the feed on the wire to the distributor goes on and off. You can use the starter solenoid button also. If it does the points are ok, if it doesn't the problem is with the points.

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Troubleshoot Coil MKIX

Dave Goodson
Jaguar Drivers and Restorers Club of NWA *

forum user since 2008-04-29


All it takes is ten years of corrosion on the face of the points, no current flow, voltage stays the same on both coil primary leads.
Clean the points up and see what you get.