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Mk1/Mk2 thermostat- running cold

tom safford
Inland Empire Jaguar Club *

forum user since 2005-10-07


I just got my MK1 on the road and the temp on the road on a 75 degree day only reached 170. I have a XK's Super Stat in which is a 160.I'd like to run around 195. XK's recommends only their 160 thermostat.Supposedly a regular thermostat will bypass 20% of the water to the radiator and cause overheating.Maybe my louvered hood is part of the problem. Anybody have a solution?

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Mk1/Mk2 thermostat- running cold

William Brady
Jaguar Owners Club, Inc. *

forum user since 2004-02-15


What solution? You have no problwm!

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Mk1/Mk2 thermostat- running cold

Dave Goodson
Jaguar Drivers and Restorers Club of NWA *

forum user since 2008-04-29


My 2.4L MK2 runs cold. In summer, on a long climb, it will get up there, but always below half gauge in normal useage.
I have run an infrared sensor, everything is cold as the gauge.
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