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What is this E-Type really worth?

kevin schugar
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forum user since 2012-05-21


I have been looking at this car daily for the last couple weeks, heard it run etc, but this seems a bit high even given the recent restoration. I'm potentially a first time Jaguar owner and dont want to blow it.
Expert commentary?

What is this E-Type really worth?

William Brady
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You can't even consider buying such a car without having it examined by someone who really knows them, Wire wheels would be nice!

Jaguar affectionado and etc.

What is this E-Type really worth?

Peter Crespin
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Kevin, if you like it and can afford it and it looks good, you could either buy it on trust or check it over.
If youdon't want to pay someone to do that then do it yourself after reading up what to look out for. There have been thousands of people in your position, which is why there are Buyer's Guides available.

Look in the Shoppe here for a Buyers Guide specifically for the V12 E-types and another for the sixes. The few dollars they cost are bound to be recouped several times over in helping you spot a few bargaining issues, or they will confirm a safe bet or show you why you should walk away. It looks a nice car but you can't get expert commentary without someone looking at it. Becoming your own expert is not impossible if you take care and read up a little. I wouldn't pay this much for a first Jag without doing some research.


Pete Crespin, Gaithersburg, MD, 66 D-type, 70 FHC, 79 S2 XJ12