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Hazy Headlight Covers

Peter McKinney

forum user since 2011-06-05


The covers over the headlights of my '96 XJS appear "hazy" (i.e. not clear). Is this the way they're supposed to appear or should they be replaced or cleaned somehow?


1996 XJS convertible

Hazy Headlight Covers

Steve DAngelo

forum user since 2003-09-21


They are crystal clear when new and do not improve unless completely cleaned inside and out. I might be interested in selling or trading some new ones.

1994, XJ-S, 6.0 liter, Coupe

Hazy Headlight Covers

Charles B. England Jr.
Jaguar Association of New England *

forum user since 2004-08-13


I have the same question about my '96 XJS - there are slides on the top and bottom of the lights - I am pretty sure I can get them off but I am not so sure about getting them back on.
Charlie England

Hazy Headlight Covers

Andy Simko
ember At Large *

forum user since 2006-02-22


i've had some experience with this issue. there are reconditoning kits for headlight lenses. ge kit uses several grades of abrasive and a drill (not good) sylvania makes a great kit.

there is a cleaner that strips the uv coating from the lens, nasty brown stuff drips from the lenses, it looks clear at the end of the first step, then you use 3 different abrasives, by hand, to remove surface scratches. a few more cleaners, then a crystal clear uv sealer.

the hardest part is masking the paint and chrome. i was not as concerned when doing this on our windstar vans, as i am with the jag

long story short, it took a little over an hour, the lenses look like new. it has been almost a year since i did the first vehicle and it still looks like new. not bad for a $20. kit

1995 black xjs 4.0 convertible