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Re.: How to restore shine to anodized widow trim

Bill Pritchard
Jaguar Owners Association of the Southwest *

forum user since 2011-09-04


Edited on 2012-05-02 15:10:40

I have a 2004 XJ8 and the window trim has an uneven discolorization. I have spoken to several Jaguar dealer service managers and they all know of the problem but can offer no solutions other than replacing the pieces.

Is there a product that will shine the pieces and protect them?

Can the pieces be removed and either buffed and coated or plated?

Thanks for any information you can offer.

Bill Pritchard
Dallas, TX
2004 XJ8
2009 XK
2011 XJL

Bill Pritchard

How to restore shine to anodized widow trim

Steven Petry
Jaguar Association of Greater Indiana *

forum user since 2007-02-03


Alas, the good old days of stainless steel trim are gone. We are left with coated aluminum which has proven rather fragile. Here's one paragraph about it:

The door surround finishers are made from aluminium (not stainless steel)
which have an anodic coating (Bright Finish) which is only 0.008 / 0.012mm
thick; if this coating is removed the finishers will "Dull" or become "Tarnished".
Cleaning these finishers with any kind of metal or chrome polish or any
abrasive type of polish will result in damage and removal of the anodic
coating, cleaning with aggressive chemicals (liquids with a PH value > 12.5) or
chemical pressure washing systems will also damage / reduce the protective
coating over a period of time.
If I'm not mistaken, one trip through most cars washes subjects the car to chemical pH levels at that or higher.

As yet I've never heard of anyone repairing such trim. Makes me wonder if at some point there would be enough market for some business to take that on. Time will tell, no doubt.

Good luck!

S Petry
'95 XJR
'97 XK8 Conv.

How to restore shine to anodized widow trim

Phillip Karam
Ottawa Jaguar Club *

forum user since 2008-10-08


Thank you Steven for the insight. I have the same problem with my 2004 "all aluminium" XJ8. And I was going to shop around for different polishes. Saved me the $$$ and frustration!

1970 Adams Probe16.Caretaker of 1955 XK140fhc previously owned by William Heynes and Duncan Hamilton

How to restore shine to anodized widow trim

Garfield Schexnayder
Jaguar Car Club of North Florida *

forum user since 2009-12-02


Same thing on my XJ8L, Finish has gone the way of the wild west cowboy--POOF!

For an automible that cost a customer 70 to 100 thousand dollars new, looks like the same problem as the radiator plastic overflow tank. Jaguar just ignores the problem and looks the other way.

The tanks nipple cracks---they don't do a thing about it. The finish on the window trim which, when up close, makes the car look cheap--they don't do a thing about it.

Customers remember these things when it comes time to trade for a new, or newer car. I will....

I guess it's much like the English opinion when it comes to teeth. Keep your mouth closed and no-one will notice--thus the true reason for their history of "a tight lip society".....


2005 XJ8L

PS: Does anyone ever report these things to Jaguar? Or, is it that those who could make an impact just don't care? Hummmm!

Garfield (Chuck)
05/XJ8L and 05/XK8 Convertible CF addition