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Check List for X-Type?

Steven Albrecht
Jaguar Association of New England *

forum user since 2012-03-19


I just added a 2002 X-Type to my stable. It is a black 5 speed standard that is in excellent condition. When I purchased my XK8 I read a VERY helpful list of items to check such as the cam chain tension adjusters. I changed all of the adjusters on the XK8 and that may have saved my engine as all 4 were cracked.

My question is in regards to the publishing of a list of items that should be checked to make sure the car lasts a lifetime. I want to make sure I can pass these wonderful cars on to my children when I can no longer drive; maybe when I'm 100, or more. Ha Ha

Thank you in advance,

Steven Albrecht
1999 XK8
2002 X-Type Standard 5 speed

Check List for X-Type?

Dr Gregory Andrachuk
Jaguar Car Club of Victoria *

forum user since 2002-12-27


I own the twin to your car - black, 2002, manual, Canadian specification. A gorgeous car that I love to drive.We have now owned this car more than 8 years in daily use. It has not given a single problem, not one (apart from an 02 sensor that failed when I, yes I, did a stupid bit of over-revving while beside a BMW :). The rev-limiter cut in and the engine light came on although there was no driving symptom whatever. Had the sensor replaced several years ago, no problems. I did replace the clutch with the upgraded clutch unit Jaguar produced for these cars (nothing wrong with the original clutch) - I HIGHLY recommend this: the shift is much smoother and the clutch itself much lighter. I cannot emphasize enough the difference this makes to the car.
The checklist: these cars are robust. There is really almost nothing - but *do make sure the transfer case air duct is in place*. Because this must be removed to change the engine oil and because the jiffy-lube guys see this as a nuisance with no apparent value, the duct often goes missing; it can also be torn off by road debris, snow, etc as it is the lowest-hanging part on the car. Make sure it is in place! it is essential. You might consider having the transfer case oil changed but apart from that there really is no specific problem to watch. Enjoy!
One thing: I came up with a way to open the trunk if the solenoid fails (there is no key opening). If you want this information, email me at .

Gregory Andrachuk
1966 Mark 2 3.8
2002 X-Type
2005 X-Type Sportwagon
2007 XK coupé