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JAN26, 2008 MDM Upholstery Tech Session

Dwight Curtiss
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Tech Session at MDM Upholstery JAN26, 2008

A beautiful pastoral setting greeted the Jaguar Drivers & Restorers Club of Northwest America as they arrived at MDM Upholstery, located in Marysville, Washington. Tim and Yvonne Paull graciously hosted 15 club members at the workshop next to their home. Club members were greeted with an assortment of donuts, coffee, and juice. Their shop has plenty of room, with a large layout table and sewing machine, cleverly wall mounted tube and radius benders. Tim had laid-out various examples of some of his work, where the cars have been featured in various magazines. Among the articles there was one on a beautiful black 1940 chopped and sectioned Ford convertible and another of a red ‘32 Ford roadster rod that caught my attention.

The work shop garage held a beautiful green XK140 drop head coupe that Tim has recently completed. The owner of the XK140 graciously agreed to bring it back to MDM especially for the Tech Session. The shop is divided into two roughly equal sized areas with the back area holding a milling machine and lathe as well as upholstery supplies and work items. In case you were wondering, Tim uses the milling machine and lathe to create his own trim and other components, as needed, for projects brought to the shop.

Speaking of projects, the XK140 provided club members with plenty of opportunity to admire his craftsmanship. He custom fit the customer’s supplied and pre-finished door wood work (which naturally didn’t fit quite right) with an imaginative and gently process to mate it correctly to the doors. The members were astonished to learn Tim had crafted the bright work on the convertible top and along the windscreen and back. Tim used his milling machine on brass stock, which was then shaped to the correct curvature before being sent out for chroming. On to convertible tops; if you need a new convertible top Tim can fabricate them as well as liners. (If the underlying framing needs repair he can handle that, too.
MDM Upholstery will accept a customer’s third party supplied components for installation in addition to providing start to finish upholstery service. (Interiors are not my forte so personally I’d opt for his knowledge of what materials are best to do the job right). When asked what he liked doing best, Tim said he really enjoys creating an interior from scratch, where he can use his imagination to match the interior to the rest of the vehicle while not going over the top on the design.

Tech Trivia: Jags have Pozidriv screws, not Phillips. To avoid buggering your Jag’s Pozidriv heads look for them at tool sellers, like Snap-on or Sears for example. A #2, #3, and #4 should put you in good shape.

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