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Affordable, reputable mechanic needed

Thomas T. Kipp
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Hey gang, I think I may have a blown head gasket but not sure. Any rec's for someone who won't take me to the cleaners but knows their way around a V12 to check it out?

Tom Kipp
89 XJ-S Coupe

Affordable, reputable mechanic needed

John (Jack) Hasen
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Hi Tom,
I already sent you a e-mail in response to your request, as I didn't think that I could reply here as I couldn't log on to this site. Dumb me, now I see that I was automatically loged on. Any way for the benefit of others I will repeat. I have used the following mechanic to do work on my XJ-S. He replaced my cam cover seals, removed the radiator and had it rodded, etc. He is a Jaguar expert and only works on Jaguars. His work on my XJ-S was high quality and at what I considered a very reasonable price.
Andy Bernstein
Britsh Auto Care (his company)
4346 Home Rd. (North of Powell, Ohio, South West of Delaware)
Powell, OH 43065
(740) 881-5246 ie.(JAG6)
Any questions, call me at (614) 889-7403
Jack Hasen

Affordable, reputable mechanic needed

Jim Baker
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Andy is very good and really knows his stuff. Factory trained and all. He can be somewhat difficult to deal with sometimes depending on his mood. Don't be put off if he is somewhat short or gruff with you. He has limited space to park cars so you really need to set up an appointment with him. George and Larry Dixon will vouch for him too. Good luck. If it is a head gasket it could be pricey.