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Re: Everybody: a good alternative to digital camer

Steve Weinstein

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: For the past 3 years, I've only been using digital cameras which are

: cheap and convenient when it comes to getting pictures for the web

: sites and newsletter. These days, any $ 200 digital can generate a

: image that's big enough to be printed at 8.5x11 without quality loss

: as i've been doing for our newsletter covers.

: Recently, I've been tempted to get a better digital... Ginger, editor

: for JCOF, was using a neat one at her concours... tempting. I also

: saw some great action shots from Goodwood shot with a Canon digital..

: unfortunately a $ 2000 camera...

: so, as an alternative I decided to pull out my old 35mm SLRs and shoot a

: couple of roll which I had processed on CDs. WOW ! what a difference

: a real camera can make !! I used to be into photography 20 years ago

: and still have all the equipment... incl a great 1980 Canon F1, fully

: manual, no electronics, etc... amazing what you can do with those...

: The web is a great source of info, and I found a company in Atlanta that

: specializes in used equipment. I got another F1 from them, an 84

: which was the next generation with some electronics and option

: automatic features but of course still manual focus. These are really

: the Jaguars of cameras :-) excellent quality, very solid feel, good

: performance.

: All this rambling to say that an older or used SLR can be a great tool

: for editors and webmasters who don't necessarily want to spend an arm

: an a leg on a good digital. Most drugstores ( Wlagreens, Eckerd,

: etc... ) can process film and put them on CD in an hour for less than

: $ 10. Make sure you get the CD not the floppy. the CD resolutions are

: high ( 1500 x 1000) and perfect for newsletters. I even printed some

: shots with a good ink jet on photo grade paper, it's really almost as

: good as a lab enlargement up to 8x10.

: As a bonus, those high res CD let me crop an horizontal shot into a

: vertical and still have enough quality to use it for vertical covers.

: With an average digital, I had to shoot some images vertical for the

: covers which limited the selection.

: so give those older cameras a chance... you won't be diaspointed !

: Pascal



As I said in another forum, love the picture. Beautiful composition.

I agree about using an SLR. Carol and I have a more modern SLR (Canon EOS Rebel), with two zoom lenses, one 28 - 80 mm, the other 70 - 200 mm. Between the two, we can shoot just about anything. Flexible camera, can be used in full auto (auto focus, shutter and f-stop), or you can go full manual, or anything in between. For the summer trip, we shot 35mm film, and when I had it developed, got prints and CD's. Will be forwarding pics to you shortly which came from that camera. Until we invest in a digital, this is a viable alternative and much more effective than scanning them myself.