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Everybody: JCNA Website Awards Results

Pascal Gademer

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Results for the 2nd Annual JCNA Website awards are in.

Congratulations to Steve Averill ( Jaguar Drivers Club of Northwest America ) for Best Overall, Mark Stephenson ( Jaguar Club of Central Arizona ) for Best Content and Jerry Mouton ( Jaguar Associate Group ) for Best Graphics.

The Communications Committe wishes to thank the judges who took the time to visit the 34 JCNA Affiliate Club sites and score them in the various categories. Runner ups, complete summary of results and information on the various categories are available on this page :


Re: Everybody: JCNA Website Awards Results

Steve Averill

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Pascal Gademer writes: Congratulations ... Jaguar Drivers Club of Northwest America ...

It's Jaguar Drivers AND RESTORERS Club of Northwest America! The Jaguar Drivers Club of NWA merged with the XK Jaguar Restoration Club in 1989 and that's why we have the second longest name around. The longest belongs to our sister club to the north, which is properly the Canadian XK Jaguar Register/Canadian Classic MG Club. I would be keelhauled if I failed to include all parts of our diverse society. ;-)