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Challenge Championship Slalom

Gary Hagopian
Jaguar Association of New England *

forum user since 2002-11-05


It's gonna be a "Challenge" awright!

The "one price includes all" concept has encouraged most C.C. entrants to sign up for the Slalom. The record number of entries and introduction of the new "SP" classes, will strain Art's and my organizational abilities!
We don't even have the new entry forms printed yet! I expect to arrive in Phoenix on Monday, before the event, download the forms, and run to Staples to get them printed in time for the slalom on Saturday.

We're doing the slalom at a new road race track outside of town, where the asphalt's new and flat. An added bonus is the opportunity to do an on track session at speed, for only an additional $25.00 paid to the track!

For you "fly-in" folks, remember that you can run your rent-a-car at this event.

Hey Steve! How about you fly out on Friday, and back to NJ on Monday? We could use the help, and you'd have a blast!

Re.: Challenge Championship Slalom

Pascal Gademer
South Florida Jaguar Club *

forum user since 2002-10-27


we don't even have the new rules published yet :-) although Steve is working on it and will have them this week.

tell me more about the on track session!!!! would be fun to run a few laps and give members a taste of the HPDE program.

Let's not forget the Kart and slalom school session on the days before it all starts... few people have signed up so far, they don't know what they'll be missing!!

Pascal Gademer