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S1 XKE radio blanking plate ? & (wtb S1 OTS LH taillight housing)

Curtis Wood

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Hi all,

Is there, was there, and where could I find a radio blanking plate for my 1964 OTS ? I chose to restore it without an antennae and the tuner on the original Motorola am positive ground radio is going to be a difficult fix, so would like to just use a suitable blanking plate. Any help appreciated.

Also, off subject, but I need a left rear taillight housing. Tried a new chrome shop and they got carried away with the grinder and ruined mine :-(
Again, any help much appreciated.

Curtis Wood

Curtis Wood

Re.: S1 XKE radio blanking plate ? & (wtb S1 OTS LH taillight housin

Ginger Corda
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Hi, Curtis,

Since you posted in the concours and originality forum, I wonder if you are going to be showing the car - it would make a difference with regard to points in the Championship Division, but not Driven or Display.

To be honest, I am not sure if they are available from suppliers. Perhaps others on the forum will know.

For my purposes, a homemade version was fine. When installing a new interior in my 1966 OTS, my shop made one out of a piece of scrap metal and covered it with the leftover leather interior material from my kit. It was not a particularly hard job, but you have to get the corners just right. See below for photo of homemade blanking plate in car.

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Blanking Plate - no stereo