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Jim Knoke

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I am currently restoring a 1956 XK140 DHC and am looking for a correct tool roll.

My question is, one vendor sells original tools in the roll with the tools in the condition he finds them.

Another vendor restores the original tool to a like new condition. Wrenches are re-blued, Mallets will have copper restored to one end, and the jack will be repainted and look new, so all items look as they did the day the car was sold.

For a concours judging which is the way to go?

Also do I go with an original roll (the roll itself) in somewhat tattered condition or with a new roll made to original specs?


1956 XK140 DHC


George Camp
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Jim contact Tom Buckus 717-263-8701 or tbuckus@innernet.net . He is most like your second ref. above--if so I simply can not say enough about the quality and accuracy of his work. I did it myself for years until I found Tom--no more.