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3.8 grab bar bracket fitting?

peter willetts

forum user since 2012-02-02


I need a definitive answer on the fittting of the L-bracket that holds the grab bar on a 3.8..does the bracket fit on top or bottom of the handel..does the bracket sit inside the A post or on top of the vinal??

3.8 grab bar bracket fitting?

Phil Wright
Jaguar Club of Pittsburgh *

forum user since 2002-11-30


On only the early 3.8's (I think the change was made in mid '62) the chrome "L" bracket is screwed to the metal "A" post. The covered dog-leg panel goes on top with a small cut for the bracket to stick out. The handle sits on top of that bracket and bolted to it.

Does anyone know the car number when the change took place?


3.8 grab bar bracket fitting?

Robert Stevenson
Jaguar Affiliates Group of Michigan *

forum user since 2002-11-13


The only SPB that Jaguar issued,P.84, concerning the grab handle lists the change occuring at 879343 & 888567. I sent Peter a message that I have pictures coming of the early grab handle that I will send to him.

Plymouth, Mi.