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Spam and scam artists

Haven Wiggin
Jaguar Association of New England *

forum user since 2009-08-29


I am pulling my add from JCNA classifieds today because my email account is being contacted weekly by one or more scam artists.In every case they want the car asap,want to send more money than I am asking,and will have an agent or shipper contact me.I have not had this problem in other sales forums
I did not waste my time on them,but am tired of the stupidity.It is too bad as this is a good sales forum otherwise.

Spam and scam artists

Pascal, JCNA Webmaster
South Florida Jaguar Club *

forum user since 2002-10-30


EVERY website that offers "stuff" for sale ends up having scammers browse the ads and contact sellers hoping to find one that will fall for their scams. frankly, i dont' understand how anyone can fall for these since they've been around for so long...

what's one or two weekly email anyway, just ignore them. the "DELETE" key is one powerful tool.

Craigslist, Ebay, local classifieds... they're all used by scammers, nothing that can be done. The only scammer prrof way to list a car, is to go back to the 18th century and use the good ole fashion printed newspaper. you can be sure those pesky nigerians won't contact you, but neither will thousands of collectors...

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Spam and scam artists

Frans Reitsma
Central Oklahoma Jaguar Association *

forum user since 2008-10-22


Pascal, I agree entirely with you. Its has become part of the "electronic" life, but without this we would have limited communication.

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Spam and scam artists

Charles W. Crisp
Nation s Capital Jaguar Owners Club *

forum user since 2009-01-06


I have had this problem since I put my car and a bonnet on the ads. I have started to send the suspected scams to my local Senator for investigation.

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