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As the new JCNA Slalom Chair, it looks like the duty is going to all to me to deal with several ongoing issues that remain from the AGM and several that were created by things that happened at the AGM. As I see it, most of the most burning issues revolve around TIRES (or tyres -- I went to school in the US, so I use "tires"). Here are the issues that I believe need to be dealt with immediately:

1. The AGM approved the creation of "Street Prepared" (SP) classes for 2003, lightweight and heavyweight. The rule, as adopted, bars the use in SP of tires with a tread wear rating lower than 160. As several members have pointed out, most particularly Pascal Gademer (I suggest you read his posts on this issue), some stock tires like the Pirelli PZero that came as original equipment on cars such as the XKR, would be permitted in stock class and modified, but NOT in SP. Obviously, that does not make sense. Some have also suggested that other high performance tires should be allowed on any SP car regardless of class, but just eliminating tires that are truly race tires (tread wear rating lower than 100).

We need to discuss and address this issue NOW for the 2003 season.

2. The AGM deferred action on changes to Rule 20, also relating to tires. Two issues came up: First, what is meant by "appropriate" tire for a particular class. Second, the same issue about tread wear rating. How do we clarify the rule on tires that may be used in stock classes, once and for all, so that we don't have to keep revisiting this.

3. The proposal for SP classes was modified to provide that the Slalom Committee will formulate a point system to evaluate whether cars will be considered street prepared or modified, based on the modifications done to the car. This would take effect for the 2004 season. For example, a list of modification would attribute points to various modifications (ex., torsion bar upgrade, 2pt.; adjustable shocks, 2 pts.; larger rims than stock, 3pts.; enlarged exhaust system, 1 pt.) Total points for modifications to the car will be determined and if the total exceeds a threshhold, say 7 pts., then the car would have to go into modified rather than SP.

We need to start developing this system NOW so that it can be presented to the AGM next spring for approval before the 2004 season begins. Comments and suggestions need to start now.

I will begin three new threads on this Forum. Please place any comments you have on each of these issues under the appropriate heading, so that we can keep the discussions to the particular point.

Thank you to all in advance for you anticipated input. And remember, concrete proposals are more helpful than general comments, though all comments are certainly welcome. If you have a suggestion for language to change a rule, please write it up as such.

Steve Weinstein, JTC-NJ
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