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Programming the Garage Door Opener Buttons

Brian Vogel

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Taken straight from the 1999 drivers handbook

Note: The GDO may not programme to older garage door openers that do not meet current Federal Consumer Safety Standards.

To programme the GDO's roof console module proceed as follows:

1. Switch off the engine.

2. Decide which of the four channels you wish to train.

3. Hold the end of your hand-held transmitter against the roof console just forward of the four operating buttons, as shown in the illustration. [not included here, but you get the point. I found that the exact positioning of the original GDO transmitter is not particularly critical as long as it's close enough for the "pod" to detect.]

4. Using both hands, press both the hand-held transmitter button and the selected channel button on the roof console. DO NOT RELEASE EITHER BUTTON until step 5 has been carried out.

5. Hold down both buttons until you see the red light on the roof console flash slowly at first, then rapidly. This could take up to one minute or more. Release both buttons when the red light flashes rapidly. This rapid flashing indicates that the GDO transmitter has been successfully programmed to match your hand-held transmitter, (if the light flashes yellow it indicates that you have a rolling code GDO, see the next column).

The old hand-held transmitter can now be set aside and the roof console button used in the future.

Training with rolling code (1995 and newer units).
To train a rolling code garage door opener to operate from the integrated transmitter, follow these steps:

1. Programme your portable remote control to the vehicle integrated transmitter as described previously.

2. Remove the cover panel from the GDO receiver. The receiver would be located by the garage door opener motor.

3. Locate the training button on the GDO receiver. The exact location and colour of the button may vary by different manufacturers. If the training button cannot be located, consult the GDO manual.

4. Press the receiver training button for two seconds.

5. Return to the vehicle and press the integrated transmitter button for the duration of the rapid flashing yellow indicator light (one to two seconds). Release the button and then press the button again to confirm that the integrated transmitter has been trained to the receiver.

The garage door opener has now been trained to recognise your vehicle GDO. Either the integrated transmitter or the original portable remote transmitter can now be used to open the garage door.

Brian Vogel
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Programming the Garage Door Opener Buttons

Jay Burnett
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Thanks Brian,

Success! Easy procedure once you know how to do it. But as usual, I managed to bungle it. Had both doors opening on one button but worked through that with the help of the garage door opener manual which I had to find on the net. My XJR owners manual should arrive in a few days. Appreciate your help in the meantime!


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