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2008 XJL

Arthur Harry Kossack

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Can anyone tell me if it is possible to add the satellite module to my newly acquired JAG so that I can use the touchscreen. Also, is there a specific manual for an L over the regualr XJ and should there be an L after the XJ on the trunk of the car. Lot of questions I know but I got the run around from the dealer.



2008 XJL

Steven Petry
Jaguar Association of Greater Indiana *

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The Jaguar Satellite Radio accessory for your XJ8L would not integrate with the touch screen. It would be a separate panel added in the spot now occupied by the ash tray.

The manual for both models is the same book.

Your boot motif would be either "XJ8" or "XJ8L" for 2008. "XJL" wasn't used until the 2011 model.

Hope that helps!

S Petry
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