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Everybody: JEC going for 1000 E-types ?

Pascal Gademer

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can we top that in Franklin ? :-)

sure, England the home of the E-type but the US was the largest market... ( yes I know, distances are bigger on this side....)

Tom, how about a big headline on the front page, pictures of the 99 festival so that people want to attend !

Let's make sure we keep the event in the spotlight on our websites and our newsletters for the next few months.



Re: Everybody: JEC going for 1000 E-types ?


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A 'feature' would have to be written and pictures collected. Mike Frank is the website feature editor, mfrank@westnet.com, that would be responsible for coordination. If a feature (for a 'Feature Story') is provided in the required format or a website link is given, I'll post it.