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For whatever reason, people think I am all knowing... or, at least, want me to be. People write the webmaster occasionally to report a problem on your website. No big deal, I appreciate those who take the time. However, how the report problems is begging me to read minds...

Two cases here at JCNA... (names changed to protect the assuming)

#1 - "The email address for Joe and Mary Smith are wrong and should be Joe&Mary@carnac.esp, please fix it as soon as possible."

Hmmmmm, more than 120 public page and many more with limited access. What page? It turned out to be a club data page that they entered wrong. Go figure.

#2 - (Go this today and my favorite) - No message, just the subject "I get an error on the page."

Double Hmmmmm, Obviously, I can see what he is looking at... NOT. I wonder if it is even on the JCNA website. I once got a report of an error on my club's website only to find out it was an error on somebody else's website. He said "since you link to that site, can't you fix the page you link to?"

This is too fun :)