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Rear suspension mounts for 6 cy. convertible

R.E. Rogers

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My high mileage daily use XJS started driving like a log truck. Upon taking it in to a very highly skilled mechanic, and super nice guy, I was informed that the rear suspension mounts are broken. In fact the suspension is no longer connected to the frame, I am told, and it really shouldn't be driven much at all. So what I would like to know is has anyone ever heard of this, how often does it happen, what all in involved in the repair, what parts are involved and rough cost, and how long (hours)does it take to repair, i.e. total ball park cost? This was a big shock (pardon the pun) to me and I really want to learn all about it. Thank you very much for any help you may provide. RER

R.E. Rogers
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Rear suspension mounts for 6 cy. convertible

Steven Petry
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That's not unexpected on a high mileage car. The V-Mounts are what somewhat isolate the suspension cage from the body. There are two on each side as the picture illustrates. Changing them requires the suspension be lowered from the body a bit so they can be pulled out. It's a pretty big job, but not terrible.

The picture is actually a Series III catalog pic., but the difference is minimal.

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Rear suspension mounts for 6 cy. convertible

George Browder Jr
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Now this a scary thing to me...should I be on the lookout for it to happen on my '90 XJS-C at some point? I have 104,000 miles and no hint of such an issue. Is it common?

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Rear suspension mounts for 6 cy. convertible

William Brady
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I doubt your XJS needs them, but they are rubber and all cars will eventually need them. Such severe damage is usually caused by having the wheels of the ground, as on a two post hoist. The mounts are designed to be compressed not streched, This goes for most cars and it will damage the front mounts also.

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