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AGM and Delegate/Proxy Form

Steve Kennedy
Rocky Mountain Jaguar Club *

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JCNA Clubs,
The AGM will be held in Phoenix March 10, 2012. Each club needs to submit the Delegate/Proxy form to be eligible to have their votes (2 per club) count at the AGM.

The Delegate/Proxy form can be downloaded from the jcna.com, AGM page. It is located about half way down on the right side of the page.

If your club plans to send delegates, please fill out the form and return it to the JCNA Secretary, Steve Kennedy, skennedy@jcna.com, on or before February 25th. Preferably much before the 25th as the AGM is only 14 days after that. Please be sure to add your delegates’ names to your JCNA club page so the JCNA Secretary can communicate directly with them when sending out announcements.

If you have trouble downloading the form, please contact the JCNA Secretary and a copy will be sent to you.

If your club does not plan to send any delegates, please assign your proxies to someone else in your region who will be attending the AGM or to your regional directors.

North West
Barbara Grayson
NW32 1979J

Jan Whittlesey
NW32 3995

North Central
Brian Williams
NC45 11994CJ
Gary Kincel
NC45 33409J

North East
Sherman Taffel
NE40 31380J

John Masters
NE40 43192

South West
Bill Streitenberger
SW04 3448J

Tom Krefetz
SW03 16932J

South Central
Brian Blackwell
SC50 27283CJ

Enrique Vila
SC 36291J

South East
Dick Maury
SE57 4892J

Lou Kairys
SE09 38851CJ

Also running in the SE region

George Camp
SE34 32482CJ

Thank you,
Steve Kennedy
JCNA Secretary