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Correct Torsion Bar Color (1965 4.2L E-Type OTS (1E10009))

Craig Wolfe
Empire Division *

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I need to confirm the correct torsion bar color for an early E-Type 4.2L OTS built in August 1964? I have heard inconsistent answers from who I consider very reliable sources, including both semi-gloss black and unpainted natural steel. I seem to recall someone saying there are factory photos showing the torsion bars in a color distict from other known black parts, from which conclusions have been drawn the bars were probably natural steel.

Craig Wolfe, 1965 4.2L OTS (1E10009) Westchester Co., NY

Correct Torsion Bar Color (1965 4.2L E-Type OTS (1E10009))

Dale Conrad
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Craig, There is a 100% original 66 E-type which is also concours class winner
(99.58) for sale in Hemmings September 2010 issue. If the owner has not sold
the Jag yet (125,000.00) , he could take a look for you. I suspect they would have
some type of coating on them to protect them from rusting . On my 70 E-type they
are rusty, and do not appear to ever have had any paint. The person who is selling
the Jaguars phone number is 972-771-3845 Texas.