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looking ahead

Pascal Gademer
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did anybody watch the Race of Champions on speed ? (sunday)

it's annual charity event where a number of ...well.. champions... go head to head on a small course. This year, it was held in a soccer stadium in PAris where they set up a 1/2 road course in such a way that 2 drivers could race side by side in different lanes, half a lap apart. Impressive roster including Rally, IRL, Nascar, F1, DTM, etc... stars.

cars where WRC citroens, 360 Modena racers, and off road buggy. the course was more an autocross than a real road course because of compact layout.

At one point, they had on board shots of F1 World champ Michael Schumacher (beaten fair and square by a finn or norwegian yougnster) and it was interesting to see how far ahead he looked... sometimes turning his head almost 90 degrees looking for the next corner.

very interesting to watch... and a key think to do on the JCNA slalom course!

Pascal Gademer
South Florida Jaguar Club
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looking ahead

Steve Weinstein
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You make a good point here, one that is important in any type of high performance driving. You MUST look ahead to the next spot, not the one you are actually going to at that moment. I've told people this over and over, and it is true -- if you look at a cone you are about to go around, you will hit it. Instead, you use your peripheral vision to see the cone you are going to pass, while looking on to the next turn and beyond.

This same principle has been hammered in to me by various instructors that I've been on the track with at Lime Rock, Pocono Raceway, and Montreal. Even when we drove the NASCAR stock cars at Lowes 2 years ago, the instructor made the same point -- look as far ahead as possible, the next turn, not the one your are currently in.

Gary Hagopian and I will be giving a seminar on high performance driving and successful slaloming at the AGM in April, in Orlando. Without a doubt, this is something that both of us will emphasize, as it is so important to driving fast. Even on the highway in normal driving situations, you should always be looking ahead, further down the road, not at the back of the car directly in front of you. An occasional glance in the rear view mirror doesn't hurt either.

Steve Weinstein, JTC-NJ

looking ahead

Art Dickenson

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Art Dickenson.
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Hey Pascal, I saw most of it including the parts where initially Michael and the Rally Champ were beaten by up and coming guys , and then later they were penalised for touching the barrier, so they said...........
Great to see the younger guy with the blond hair take the trophy, I forget his name but it should not be long before I hope we hear some more from him. Those guys were sure getting some air over the crossover, it appeared very rally like to me , although on a much smaller scale.
Michael right now has it all together with his Ferrari team, it is no small task to have taken Ferrari from being so out of it that they were using illegal fuel just to try and succeed.Next year should be interesting , I believe they have different engines in the regulations,McLaren I am sure will have their hands full with Montoya, hopefully David gets a ride. Although Ferraris Head Mechanic is an English Chappie, McLaren are the team I like to see succeed. I was hoping Mikka would return and team up with Kimmi, the after race interviews would surely suffer no doubt. Jensen however is coming along pretty good and Sato is quite a daredevil, I admire his go for it attitude. Michael however has refined his driving quite a bit over the years and is I believe at his prime , and still has many good years in him no doubt .

I look forward to next year and taking in as much motorsport as I can , this year the Trans Am Jags will probably be my highlight at Portland International Raceways. Anyone close enough to Portland should also consider coming to the Labour Day weekend , Vintage Race cars are quite the 3 or 4 day attraction, seven or eight hundred British cars are also on display , Jag Concour, Jag Slalom, Giant ABFM Slalom , good company, free campsites,.. what more can a car nut ask for,the price for admittance and your show car......25 US, plus a similar fee for the Jag Concour, $5 for the Jag Slalom, no charge for the Giant slalom, one would think Gary organized the event with these prices.
Merry Christmas to all in JCNA, Art Dickenson, Pacific Jaguar.