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I had a chance to see one of the Jaguar Vintage Racing E-Types up close and personal on the track at Lime Rock Rock yesterday, but not in the way Jaguar would have wanted. I was staioned at the corner above The Esses, watching the section of the track above the station for any mishaps as the cars entered No Name Straight that would require the yellow flag. Suddenly I was diverted by sounds behind me, and turned around to see the car heading off the track for our little shelter! The driver was gesturing frantically, but neither I nor my partner could figure out what the problem was. As he came to a stop on the grass he continued to gesture, and only when I get close was he able to ask me, "Is my front tire flat?" and I realized that's what he had been gesturing at!

It was indeed flat, so he drove it another 50 or 60 feet to behind the corner shelter so it wouldn't distract the cars on the track, and joined us to await what he hoped would be a swift rescue. He was disappointed. He had to wait until the end of the heat for a replacement wheel and tire to be brought. Meanwhile, the rain started up again! I had a good chance to give the car a close inspection when there was another interruption in the proceedings, and aprt from the wheels and tires, the roll bar, and the other paraphernalia required to put a car on the track, it seemed to be very "stock" right down to the 4 speed Jaguar gear box. Couldn't tell if any mods had been made under the bonnet though. This was the third of the cars, the "display" model, and not one of the two that were destined for the track. Even so, it didn't have a spare on board!