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Pascal Gademer
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While our official HPDE coordinator for the South East Lynn Cunnigham is looking into a 2003 selection of events I thought I'd pass this along...

First, there will be 2 Silver E-type playing at Road Atlanta on Sat Jan 11th... Gary and myself.. with CMS, a group I've already run with this year... It's for experienced drivers only this time and they're almost full already. Visitors are welcome at the track though, so maybe we can all have lunch or drinks at the end of the day...

Also, they have added TWO days of running at Roebling road on Jan 25 and 26 at an attractive price as it's "only" $ 255 per day including instructor fee which gives you 2 hours of classroom and about 4 1/2 of track time with instructor. choice of Sat or Sun.

For those of you with exerience, you can sign up for both days for $ 300, about 9 hours of green flag running. apparently, experienced drivers must take the 2 days package... I guess I'll have to bring TWO sets of spare pads :-)

The first time I ran with them they accepted Empire's Lime Rock school as previous experience.

If you are interested, you probably need to sign up soon, they do fill up quickly expecially the novice group. I have asked if JCNA members could get a discount, no answer yet but I'm not too optimistic as their events are usually booked up a month in advance.

Link below...

Roebling is in Savanah Georgia, it's not that far from NJ/NY... so if some of the LRP regulars want to escape the winter for a week end... Steve... you can also sell this to Carole on shopping and culture.... Savanah is a great place ! and there are no deers there.... :-) i think...


Pascal Gademer
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Re.: SE Track Events

Steve Weinstein
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Let me get the car back from the shop first! Believe me, I'd love to make it. Sounds like a lot of track time. But before she goes on the track again, I need to replace the lower front bushings and I want to rebuild the front brake calipers, probably do the pads and bleed the system. I was shooting for Lime Rock. Late Jan. is probably pushing it a bit. But I'm glad to see that there are a lot of events to participate in. If I could just hit the lottery so I could retire and play full-time.....

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Re.: SE Track Events

Stew Cleave
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At the NW Region's Fall Meeting, William F. Smith, from JOCO was named as the HPDE Coordinator for the NW Region. Bill is a long time JCNA member and can be contacted at kd7cxe@aol.com Could you post his name with the other regional coordinators?

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