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"El Sol y LaLuna" Sun and Moon 6 hour Enduro Race

Linda Young
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Hallett Motor Racing Circuit (just west of Tulsa, OK) will be having a 6 hour Enduro Race on Mrch 28th & 29th. This race is for PRODUCTION type cars on street tires. Cars must have basic racing safety features and working head and tail lights as part of the race will be run in the dark.
Teams can be 2 or 3 drivers and a maximum of 5 pit crew members for each car. There are 3 classes of cars: A: All 8-cylinder engines or "Enchanced Performance" 6-cylinder engines. B" 6-cylinder or "Enhanced Performance" 4-cylinder engines. C: All cars powered with a normally aspirated 4-cylinder. There will be cash prizes to winners of each class.
Each driver must have a COMMA license at $35 that is good for 1 year. This is the same license that is required for the HPDE schools that we will be doing later this year. The entry fee for the car is $300 and includes two practice sessions, one afternoon and one evening on Friday.
If you wish to race again on Sunday in the regular program, the entry fee is $95.
There are requirements for Pit Crew members and transponder rental. Full details about all of this are on the Hallett web site at www.hallettracing.com. Click on "Schedule" and scroll to March 28th. You can also call the Hallett office at (918)583-1134

The "Gray Ghost" will be coming out at night.

L D Young